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Aug 27, 2007
Well I just wanted to know what you guys think of this deal. I found a 87 gn sunroof car with approx 85,xxx miles but it needs some work,a lady that lives locally owns the car and she wants it gone asap $5,000,its been sitting in her driveway since 2002 and she got the car in her divorce,here is a little info about the car 1987 gn,posi,sunroof,pwr locks,pwr windows,pwr trunk,twilight sent,concert II sound,the car has a dent in the right fender,the pwr master is gone {brakes go right the floor}it looks like the exxon valdes took a s!@# on the motor,the body has some rust and all the rubber seals are shot, but it seems to run good and the interior is ok,is this car worth buying and fixing? or should I buy it and part it out:( ,I will try and post up some pics asap,thanks..
It's sound like a project. :(
Add up all the $$$$ you would need to make it correct then ask yourself that same question, or tell here $2,500 after you show her what it's gonna entail to make right :tongue:
If the powermaster was shot the brake pedal would be hard as a rock...this need to be bleed.
So pics would be nice...and I happen to like moonroofs..so I vote to get it depending on rust.

For a grand you should be able to get it running. :)

Might have 185K on it you never know.

Dirt on the outside of the motor is okay, crap on the inside wouldn't be so good.

If it runs good and can drive okay (tranny good), I'd seriously consider it.

Probably be hard to tell that with no brakes however, may have a busted/rusted brake line, look for a fluid leak front and back.

And yes it depends on a serious rust investigation too.







Looks nicer than what I started with. I'd say that's a keeper. Save the astroroof!!! :biggrin:
That's defintely in better shape than what I started with. The moon roof is a very cool option.

The brakes going to the floor (as stated in previous posts) mean you got a leak somewhere. It could be the master cylinder but probably a line or something. Good find, I would just get it running good and enjoy it.

I posted it up for sale on the forum more pics,I was going to part it out but its not in as bad as shape as I thought.....:smile:

Yea,she wouldnt budge on the price,I tried to offer her 4000.00 but she said no,but the car needs very little and runs like a top,the only bad thing is the brakes,the headliner is down,and the car needs a few minor things and a minor body job to make it worth some good money,I posted it in the for sale section hopefully it will sell and someone will fix it up...:smile: