what do you do when it's 75 degrees in missouri on jan 1st?

It was great in Topeka too! Woo, I only wish i hade a GN ot cruise in! (would be good to have t-tops for these kind of days)

Great pics man!

Thanks for sharing the pics. Very beautiful scenery. I was born in misery and haven't been back there since I was a kid. I also don't remember seeing such warm friendly down home scenery since I left.
Believe it or not, I cut my grass on Jan. 1. Just won't stop growing.

I would've taken the car out, but I always put it on stands before Christmas so I can install my Christmas presents right away.

It's been a while since we've had a bad winter, maybe I'll leave the car on the ground till the snow falls next year.
I like the color of the pictures. I think you could make the next calender if you go back to those two locations and try to get some better shots. Go back to the old factory w/o having a telephone pole interrupting the lines of the car, and maybe some more shots of the car by the overpass. Though reading what some people wrote it may not be family friendly. :wink:

Oh, you didn't write all those 6s on the overpass did ya? :p
What would i do? I would shuck some corn and blow on an empty whiskey jug. :eek: Just kidding, I myself am from southern missouri so I can relate to the nice weather. :)