What do you prefer?


Just curious if you guys prefer a manual safety over no safety on your carry gun and why? I'm looking at the sig p365 and they offer it now with a safety and I'm not sure which is better. I've done plenty of searches and both seem to have their pros and cons.
I now carry a glock 19 second gen. I have no kids at home but if I did. I would get a sig or a limber
Your average gunfight is 7 yards so it will all happen quick and need every nano second to come out on top.
The Judge fills that slot perfectly.
Some hi brass .410/ #6 and its party time. :love:
Had only 1 time that I had to "remind" some asshole to stay away from my truck.
In his case, he looked at the business end of my Colt Python.357. It made a very convincing statement.
To this day, if someone hasn't whacked him, he's wondering "would that mf'r have pulled the trigger? :LOL:
A beautiful weapon til some asshole stole it. :mad: