What do you prefer?


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Jan 23, 2012
Just curious if you guys prefer a manual safety over no safety on your carry gun and why? I'm looking at the sig p365 and they offer it now with a safety and I'm not sure which is better. I've done plenty of searches and both seem to have their pros and cons.
well my Glock 40 sucks compared to my baretta m9 and I shoot to kill armadillos every day :p
but seriously if you want a ready to go conceal
GLOCK all the way no messing around. F... a safety
1911 style 100%. Cocked and locked and can't beat the trigger either. Colt Mustang for the win.
An external safety on a Sig would be redundant. Sorta like wearing suspenders with a belt. Being that it is equipped with a firing pin block, the trigger is the only safety needed.

I have several Sigs without an external safety, and none of them will go off if you don't pull the trigger. I would also pick my Sig P220R DA/SA over my Nighthawk Custom 1911 any day; unless I was target shooting.

On a carry gun, I wouldn't want to be fumbling or having to mess with any type of safety in a potentially life threatening confrontation. I would want to deploy and bring my gun into action as quickly as possible. Sure you can repeatedly train to disengage the safety all you want. But you can never truly create the stress of a real world confrontation, where mistakes are commonplace. Draw your gun, pull the trigger, it goes boom! As simple as that. Don't add any steps that aren't necessary.

Sig Sauer all the way, to hell and back reliability!
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I've got a Sig P232 that's been abused for the last 20 years or so. When I bought it everybody said I was nuts for carrying a.380 . Now a lot of people carry 9mm kurz. That Sig has had zero issues.
Shield with no manual safety here

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No safety.

Holster that completely covers the Trigger.

Read a letter written by a guy that carried a DAO mini pistol in his front pocket. No holster. His keys actuated the trigger & put a round into the ground in front of his foot. :eek:
Anyone else like these?

Anyone else like these?

Anyone else like these?

we use to call that the THUMPER in the military
My thing is to Practice Practice Practice, because whats works for me night not work for you. If you use A safety, then practice how quick you can pull aim and off safety and shoot, or use No safety then, pull aim rack and shoot. Warning if you do practice with no safety, some good advice is to have a good leather glove, because your hands will bleed if you don't. I don't have a safety, but so far my best time is 1.2 seconds to lift my shirt, pull out my firearm rack one, aim on target and shoot. Do you have a shooting simulator, one I use is iTarget pro...You'll love it. You have a BullsEye, and you can download the QuickDraw