Front Bucket Seat Foam/Cushion - need opinions


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May 23, 2021
Looking for new foam/cushions for my two front bucket seats. The driver's is really the only one that needs replaced but I want both front seats to match so I may as well do both.

I've done a lot of searching and really haven't found much for recent discussion. Most of the old threads have dead links so I wanted to ask who is the preferred supplier for the foam cushions? I'm looking for the best possible quality and fitment. The fabric is in great shape for a driver quality car, which mine is, so right now I'm only looking to replace the foam cushions.

I wasn't able to find anything on Highway Star's website and emailed them with no answer yet. Anyone know if they carry this? They seem to focus on quality parts from my experience.

I see Classic Industries carries it: Classic Industries

Also Gbodyparts carries it: Gbody parts cushions

Any other vendors carry the seat foam cushions?
I spoke to American Cushion Industries and they do carry this for the 84-88 Monte Carlo. American Cushion Industries

Does anyone know if the seat foam is interchangeable from the Monte to the Regal? They didn't know on the phone.

Also, Kirban's website is not working. I see they sell it but the link is dead.
When I last talked(a few weeks ago) to the lady at Highway Stars she said they won't be carrying them anymore as it wasn't cost feasible with shipping for them as people could order them from Summit & get them cheaper.

I believe she said what they used to carry were the foams from PUI. I don't recall her giving me a part number. So might night hurt to check & see what PUI offers as well.
It looks like PUI has them: PUI Seat Cushion

Why is it that some are being advertised as "LOW BACK" and some are "HIGH BACK" seats for the same application?

I assumed that the Grand National and bucket seat equipped T-Types and Turbo-T's has the same seat, just different fabric material and color?
I want to say she told me the Monte's possibly had the high back & the Regals got the low back.

Don't quote me on that though. Here's the number. I know you sent an email but here's the # (847) 599-1600.
i purchaced 1 inch foam and glued it to existing foam (headliner glue) .cut with electric knife
I put new front seat upholstery (Highway Stars exclusive material) in last year and put lots of research into it. Wanted to get new seat foam
but they was lots of pros and negatives, especially the new foam, depending on who the manufacturer was
was extremely hard and some would hit their noggin on the roof. I just had the installer add some new foam to the old stuff.
came out nice.
Thanks for all the input. I may have to take the seats to a shop and let them add the foam cushion. I felt if I could buy the foam I may be able to do it my self, but I don't feel confident enough to wing it without some pre-cut/formed cushions.
I did the Mike’s Montes foam, in low back. Used my old foam to fill in the few channels in the new seat bottoms and all turned out well.
Reused my old covers too with no drama. Hardest part was getting the headrest to release (hacksaw blade for the win). That was back in 2016 and they feel great.
I ride a little bit higher in the seat (inch, at most) but they are so much more comfortable.
Here's a little write up I did a few years ago. 83-88 monte carlo seat foam

I got them from Mikes Montes on ebay and from what I remember, it was the only place I could find them. Still looking and feeling great after 4 years.
Awesome, thanks fellas. I was hoping for some first hand experience. Id really like to give it a shot myself. I guess worst case I screw them up and take them to a shop.