What does "Car Show" mean to you?


Feb 22, 2009
To me it means meeting new people, seeing different cars, good food(sometimes...), prizes, and the satisfaction of winning(sometimes also....).

May be a sign of the times, but, I can't help but notice lately that good ol' fashioned greed and selfishness have taken the place of good times and the raw pleasure that comes with being part of something bigger than ourselves, even if it is only for a few hours at a time...

What happened to the "love of the sport/game/hobby"? Seems like everyone nowadays wants to stick you for something(inflated entry fees, bogus prizes, etc.) and give you nothing in return....:( I have actually heard several organizers say "There's no money in it" or "Unless I make a few hundred, it's not worth my time". Those folks can go touch themselves for all I care.

What happened to promoting the cause in a "non-profit" manner so that the next generation can enjoy the same simple pleasures we do for years to come?

I understand that these things cost money, and nobody should have to "foot the bill" on their own...but c'mon, the lopsided results are starting to get annoying. I seen this sentiment all over the county the last couple of years and it doesn't look like things are going to change anytime soon...unless some of us stand up, stand together, and bring about positive change on our own.

I personally have planned, and assisted in, the planning of numerous events from skydiving boogies, benefits, parties, etc. solely for the sheer satisfaction of having a good time and watching others do the same. It feels good by the way!

Just wanted to share my thoughts and see if I'm a dying breed, or, do I have fellow Buick brethren that feel the same.

Blue Skies and Happy Spoolin'! :cool:
Pretty much the only car shows I enter here are for this one entity that helps the kids of the area out. The Kiwanis show. Costs $20 to enter and it is usually a great show. Lots of nice people and great cars. Also win a trophy each time I have entered so it not only feels good that the people of the area like my car enough that I get the prize, but almost everyone I talk to is a great person and most are knowledgeable or ask questions. Makes the day worth it to me. :)
I started putting my cars in shows way back when I first got my '68 charger. It was new and fun, and after I had my car repainted, I won my first trophy. It was a great feeing at 22 years old to win an award at a judged show. Since then I've attended shows with other cars. Its nice to have a well-restored car, but honestly I get scared to drive them. I sold my '68 charger for a '69... Got caught in a hail storm leaving a show, then put a pushrod thru a rocker arm on the way home :mad: Now days I'm happy with a nice car that isn't worth 40k+.

I enjoy car shows because I love muscle cars. I like seeing what people have done for customization and power, and I like to see what setups other TB guys are running. Its a great way to spend time with the girl I love more than anything in the world (we take my car and her car, '04 Impala SS w/mods) and display them because we are proud of them. My best friend is also a show buff and enjoys showing his car. I really get off when theCATman and I take our GN's to shows and people can't believe that there's two of them sitting side by side!!!

What I don't enjoy is trophy mongers. People that bought/built a very expensive car just to win a $10 trophy. When they don't win, they piss and moan. I'll call whats fair and say if another vehicle was more deserving to win and didn't, but if my car don't win I don't get all bent out of shape like some people do. I used to when I was younger, but its not worth it and I'm proud of what I got. My trophy sits in the garage, not on the mantle. A good example is the last car show I went to. I was the first car to show up in my class, and it was a total G Body reunion:

My GN thats no trailer queen

An '88 Monte SS with 24 actual miles on it.

Another 86 Monte SS with 44k on it

87 442 with 3300 original miles

Another Monte Aerocoupe with 16k

85 Grand Prix w/a fresh repaint

85 442 with a 350 rocket swap and 70's side pipes

My car is pretty nice, and I've done quite a bit since I got it, but I don't expect to beat any of those Monte's or that 87 442. Some guy in the class was throwing a fit because his 90ish Caddy Sedan DeVille didn't win an award.

I go to shows to enjoy myself. I pay the $10 and let the judges decide. If someone gets too cocky, then maybe we have an automobile speed competition afterwards :biggrin:
Only show I pay to enter is the GM show in Van Nuys, and that's because of the huge turn out. Most other shows nowadays seem to be the "72 and older only" shows, which at least keeps the ricers out. I usually end up going as a spectator, which a lot of the times is just easier.
my thoughts/ideas

why do we have to pay to build our cars and then have to pay to show them,while people can see them for free?
the cars draw the people...why not let car show quality cars enter free,and charge the spectators a couple of dollars to enter?
seem backwards to me....sorry for going off topic....just thinking out loud...
I go to a car show at least 3 Saturdays out of 4, it's called Cars and Coffee.:cool:

I don't need any more trophies taking up space in my garage that could be used for tools or parts;)

I love car shows-for about 3 hours. After that I want to take my life from boredom. How many times can you Ca Car Duster your car?

I want to look at other cars, not sit in a chair with my own.

Peoples choice is the only way to go IMO. Each entrant gets a ballot with the classes, they vote on who wins each class. End of story. No bias by 'expert judges' that are often vendors who would never be biased twards a customer car that spends big $$$ over a nicer car that doesn't buy said vendors parts. Seen it to many times.

Too much ill will at a judged show for me, bring your clean car, show it off, talk to other enthusiasts then go home and get to the honey do list.

Just my .02