what does it take to install a Quarter Stick?

Tom Tom Turbo

Turbo Goes Woo Woo
Jul 10, 2002
I am looking to install a Quarter Stick in my T Type just for a more positive shift feel and plus they look damn cool. How hard are these to install and what all is needed to do so? Is this something I can do in a few hours in the driveway?!?!!? Also, who has these puppies the cheapest?
This what I went by and it worked out perfect


The only variation I did was where it calls for a ¾" piece of billet stock to mate the back part of the Qstick to the stock shifter bracket, I used ¾" steel spacers instead. Some guys have a hard time getting the linkage bracket arm right but I didn't have that problem. I welded the bracket arm to the stock bracket arm and it retains the stock neutral safety switch and the reverse light switch. Jegs or Summit has the cheapest price at $209 but through Summit it is usually special order whereas Jegs has them in stock. I got mine from Jegs. I've had it in for 3 years now and it is great. This was the 3rd aftermarket shifter I had in the car and I like this one the best as far as functionality and looks. Previously used the Hurst ProMatic2 and a B&M Hammer shifter.