What else do I need?



I have a price quote of $1829 for a 30-112010 FAST and he says this part number comes with the harness. Do I need an additional Buick Harness or what?
The harness you're getting will work fine. The injector harness is a V-8 harness, so there's a couple connectors you won't use. Other than that, the harness should fit and work well.
Whats this GN harness that PTE sells for then? So you just use the V8 harness and leave two injectors plugs off? Do you just tell the software that you have a V6 and it ignores 7 and 8?
The harness we make is a generic harness, so the extra connectors in the injector harness will simply be left dangling if you go that route. You will specify the number of cylinders on the engine when you are calibrating it and the ECU will use this info for timing and fuel calculations. All 8 of the injector outputs will still fire, but you will only be using 6 of them.

Another option for you is to purchase the FAST system without a FAST harness and buy one of PTE's Buick specific harnesses.
Got a part number for that Craig? I'd rather just do that and buy the Buick one like Mike says.

Thanks Guys.
Part number for the Buick Bank to Bank ECU with wide band O2 and no harness is 30-122010. Talk to the guys at PTE and they will HOOK YOU UP. :D