what fuel pressure do i run with my Thrasher smog chip?


Pit Bitch
May 24, 2001
ok Rob wilson burnt me a smog chip for my blue tops and 49 how ever he did not send any recomendations for FP?
i am thinking 38 psi.

also i do not have maf screens in my maf cause i am running a max effort. is it critical that i put them back in?

Rob Wilson would be the best source of info about fuel pressures. I ordered two Thrashers for blue tops (street and smog) from Scott Simpson a couple of years ago. He sent me the street Thrasher and told me that there was no such thing as a "smog Thrasher." Nevertheless, he sent me a smog chip for blues. I had occasion to use the smog chip for the first time just last week. I wrote to Scott to ask him what f/p to run and he said 44# was ideal. I did not change my setting from the 43# I normally run and passed smog by a wide margin. Good luck with your test.
Ken is fully correct. The chip file that I gave to Rob Wilson to burn a chip for Dathan is the same file that Ken just used.
regarding the maf screens, it's easy enough to put them back in that I would do it w/o even thinking about it. But if you want, you can see how you car idles with the smog chip in and screens out. If it doesn't stumble and fumble around, you could try it. I wouldn't, but you could.
Damn good thing i looked at this forum today! i was gunna run 35psi! i put one the the screens in ( i did not wanna cause he had a local GN owner lose a turbo to a maf screen being sucked in!) any way i will turn it back up to 43 and see what it works.

did you use any alky in the tank?

thanks a lot guys!

Didn't run anything special thru my tank. I have used in the past (for other cars) the "burn this in one tank before the test" stuff and I have put in a couple bottles of "heet" for the test, but for my T I was curious to see what numbers it would run without any chemical tricks. I'm glad I did because it proved that my car is in a generally good state of tune, and that Scott's smog chip for blue tops really gets the job done. :)
i PASSED With flying colors!

thanks guys Rob and Scott thanks for the chip it worked great! thanks alot!

took her through with no alky in tank.

here are the numbers:

1st time 2nd time Standard

2.67 FAIL .56 1.60

053.21 FAIL 3.47 15.00

1.55 1.59 2.50

Thanks Guys