What gains will Champion Irons give me with stock cam?

i gained 6 mph with three pounds less boost with champion irons. best money i've spent yet. i ran your time 12.2@111 with stock heads 25 psi and 36# injectors. went with the irons and 50's and ran the time in my sig. good luck!
I am going to bolt on some champion iron cnc ported heads as well and i would like to know about my gain. I do not have a stock cam, but a mild (i beleive .465 lift ATR cam). Should i expect the same kind of gains. I would like to see 6mph gain with less boost. just thought i would ask. Thanks for any replies.
I think the heads will help with any cam. If the heads are off then I would slide a cam in as well. I think heads would net more HP if used with a cam upgrade

Lonnie Diers
Thanks to all. Lonnie, I agree with your logic but have read about so many wiping cams after changing that it's scared me.

Cams are cheap and I wouldn't mind a mild upgrade, but I sure don't want to wipe one later.