What is my muncie M21 4 speed trans worth?


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Nov 24, 2001
Just wondering if someone here has any knowledge on what this trans might be worth, or might have been behind-

i went and did a search and came up with the following-
it fit a 1969, chevy vette, chevy II , chevelle, camaro ect...

here are the numbers off of it:

Casting: 3925660 Years: 1968 - 1970 close ratio M21
M21 2.20 1st gear ratio

P 9A31B
so this [P] MUNCIE was built [A] JANUARY [31] 31ST [9] 1969 M21

CASE number 3925660
TAIL number 3857584
INSPECTION cover 3950306
FRONT input cover 3815020
SINGLE groove on input shaft 10 spline

trans worked fine when pulled, just no need for it anymore
I bought an original M21 (not a parts trans as so many are) about a year ago from some guy in the middle of missouri (madison I think) for $400 off ebay. It was in used good condition, not needing a rebuild.

At that time I think the going rate was between $300 and $500