What is the Boosted turbo?


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Jun 28, 2001
Been out of the loop for a while, what are the "Boosted" Precision turbos. I am looking at getting a ball bearing 67, and was looking at the Boosted ones on Full Throttle's site.
It's Precisions' catch phrase for their new technology turbos. They have made some innovative design changes with all of the Boosted series turbos. New compressor wheel and turbine wheel technology and new compressor cover designs. As well as new turbine housing designs for other applications.

Hopefully, they will update their website this year with more info and more pics of these new models. Everybody loves pictures, especially of new turbos. I know Joe's got his hands full though.

Shout out to my boy Joe Kravikas. Sup Joe?


Its just the new HP technology line. For the most part, the only thing new is the turbine wheels, and some its a new billet compressor. More efficient turbo overall.
I thought the Boosted turbo used Turbonetics F1 wheels? At least I thought I read that. Hopefully someone can confirm or deny.