What is this???


Jan 26, 2004
These pics are from my 87 gn. The sensor is located on the passenger side of the engine under the turbo, next to the water pump. The pipe goes up to the turbo.


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Be sure you tape up the end of that wiring real good, it can short and blow your fuel pump fuse.
Grumpy, you must be use to working in the dark.

I can hardly see it.

ya I could prob put the whole car together in the dark .. thats what happeneds when ya "play" with these cars night and day since 86 :eek: :p Like when ya have to do a job .. I have a lift.. tools are on each side of the car so I don't have to walk (5') to my toolbox :p
I made sure to tape it up good.

I wonder if that was the problem that I have been dealing with? A couple weeks ago the car died on me w/o notice a few blocks from the house after work. It would crank but never turn over. However, I did hear the fp turn on so I ruled that source out. I just put a new crank sensor in thinking that was it, but turned out negative.