What makes you drool, and $20!!



Hey peeps... First post here, let me some this up! Our goal for the last year has been to get ourselves together to start a performance garage. I have always wanted to follow in the footsteps of such giants as lingenfelter performance engineering, callaway cars, and even some of the "motorsports" guys such as Hennesey Motorsports (even though they have by far the worst customer satisfaction of any garage I have ever head of). One of the project cars we want to start out with is a 1989 (obviously) Turbo TransAm. And while we know quite abit about L98 LT1/LT4 LS1/LS6... We dont know what all of you GNX and TTA guys are interested in.
What kind of project car would YOU like to see? Do you want it to breath fire?:eek: Do you want a 10" froglauncher (C) exhaust? :rolleyes:
As far as performance we cant justify anything under ~10.3 as it will turn into a repair project all too often. The engine is getting built up from bare block, so we want reliability. But as far as what will make the general public notice, we dont really know where to start. One idea we are tossing around is fabricating Independant Rear Suspendion like on the firefox from a C4 corvette.
Dont take this the wrong way. We just want to know what makes the unique 3.8L crowd tick! Any services you wish/want us to offer would be stronly considered.
Anyone that can come up with a better name than Xms that sticks gets $20 sent to their house! We'll have a webpage up in about a month so you can get a feel of what we do.

*Nick @ XMS*
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Just my $.02, but the hottest topic I have seen is all the conversions of V8 f-bodies to the turbo 3.8, if someone were able to streamline the process (get all the parts together including the custom parts) they could probably make a good deal of money. A kit with the heads, headers, wiring harness, etc... would be really nice, everything except a TR's 3.8L engine and Tranny.

Just a thought.
A great Idea 1BadTTA!

That would be a great set-up, It would keep alot of people
(myself being one) from asking too much about this topic!
Well im glad to see were hitting the right nails... We plan on training everyone in retrofitting for the 3rd gen f-bodies and C4s.
Besides the buick motors pretty much all the stuff thats been done.
-Gen 1 blocks 302ci-502ci
Thinking about doing that for the extreme too (only LT1/LS1) cause we have an affiliate that does that (thats actually all they do) so we could have them send us all the fab parts.
what about a 4th gen 3.8L TTA project. same thing as the third gen if you can come up ith a kit and the custom parts i know many people who want it. i think that would really be great.
and possiblely adress the problems with finding and having to build headers for buick style heads on a TTA. that would definately be appreciated.