What mods should I do ??


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Nov 24, 2001
I have an 84 t-type all stock. I want to set it up nicely, WITHOUT tearing into the motor. I need to know what I can expect out of this engine. Can I have a fast car without changing the cam ? I have been thinking about the alcohol injection and adding an intercooler. Any thoughts ?? What turbo,injectors, chip, etc. should I use. ALL input greatly appreciated. I would like to get the car into the 11's, but do not know if this is possible, is it ?? I wish there was a list of et's right along with engine combos on here so I could get a better idea of my hopes.
Thanks, Checkmate
First off. check out the performane recipes at www.gnttype.org. Generally, they suggest upgrading and "hotwiring" your fuel pump. Then it is suggessted to get a fuel pressure regulator. Beings your car is an 84, the amount of chips out there are fairly limited. You can make your own, buy one of the limited, or convert to an 86-87 ecm.

There is a intercooling kit that everyone swears by from a company called turbomotion. it comes with an improved stock intercooler, and a modified intake. this kit is around 1400

Alcohol users swear by the SMC alcohol kit. I just formatted my HD so i dont have the link on me. The kit is around 360 for no intercooler, and 300 for a car with an intercooler.

You can definately have a fast car withough tearing into the motor. thats one of the things that makes these cars so unique.

Personally, i have an 85 GN. because of money constraints, i plan on going with an alky kit without intercooling first. I have no first hand experience with this, but there are many hot-airs on this board that will be able to tell you tons more than i can.

Good luck and welcome aboard
Fuel system first, Walbro 340 pump with hotwire, adjustable FP regulator. Blue top or 009 injectors (for 11s). 2.5" or 3" downpipe, TA 49 turbo, racechip, TM intake/intercooler setup or Spearco intercooler and you should see 11s no problem.
And dont forget to get all the gauges like knock , boost to be safe and a scan tool if you dont have one .
here you go
et with engine combo:

stock everything except:
ATR up pipe $90
jay carter 17* chip $50
87 ecm $15
home made cold air kit w/k&n $10
new valvesprings $25
fuel pump and adj reg $140
hotwire $55
electric fan $15
open exhaust
cracked pass header
18psi boost
40-42psi fuel pressure
235/60 street tires (not dot's)

ok thats $400 spent on "mods" even though the $200 on fuel system parts really doesnt count because they are necessary even on a stock car.. thatd be $200 actual dollars in 'modifications' in effect. this is of course considering you dont need tranny work my car has had some, but the money spent on that counts as much as the money youre gonna spend on weatherstripping..

there is a big ass listing of these already on this board somewhere..

just to give you an idea.. may have left something out but i doubt it.
Thanks for the input guys, I will copy this page and refer to it often.
TTYPE84... Thanks for the mods list, ohhh by the way I have that same cracked pass side header, thanks for remiminding me, I do have to fix that ASAP.
Anyone else ??? all input is appreciated.
Here's mine looks kinda like a lot of mods but when i ran it , it had a cracked header and has never been tuned.

307 pump- 110
adj reg -100
hot wire-55
90lb valve springs-20-30
up pipe- 90
down pipe- 130
206 cam -100-140
comp lifters- 70
comp timing chain- 50
tps tec-80 you dont need
87 ecm- 40 used
40lb injectors and joe l 93- 110 chips for- 220 used
ta 33 turbo- 600 used
sperco intercooler- 1100 shiped
knock gauge- 70
boost gauge- 50
ramair 40 used
stock parts- intake, heads, headers, cross over pipe, fan

Hope this helps, it would go faster. :)
crazygn... What year is yours ?? I was thinking of switching to the 87 computer etc. was this a noticable difference for you??
Changing to an 86/7 ecm does not make the car run any different really. All it generally allows you to do is to run a greater varity of chips for your car. Depending on your combo, a chip will make a world of difference. Also, if you want to run a scantool on your vehicle, you will get more information using an 86/7 ecm. I myself am running the stock 84/5 ecm with stock chip right now. I will be changing that early next year when I install the turbomotion intercooler/IC kit, if I have the cash by then:rolleyes:
I do not have much done to my car, but it still smokes 5.0's like nothing!:cool:
Mine is a 85, i would change to the 87 ecm , you can find chip easy and pretty cheep on here for sale just make sure if you buy a chip you get it for the type of injectors you have.