What "old school" car have you always wanted

1987 GN - Got it!

1950 Mercury - Chop top, Gun metal grey...--Like the one on Cobra.
Black 70 or 71 Challenger R/T. Use to roll with a buddy in one of these back in high school. Couldn't roll across town in that car without getting pulled over for something. Man those were the days. LOL:D
1969 Pontiac Firebird T/A with a Ram Air IV
'66 Chevelle with a big block and big ol' 8-71 supercharger poking thru the hood :) .

Or a Nash Metropolitan with a GN motor and tubs out back poppin' wheelies....

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'55 Nomad
'69 Boss 429, or Mach 1
Adam West Batman car :D

Russ Martin (a local dj here in the Dallas area) has two Adam West Batmobiles and a real Mach 5 from the speed racer cartoon.:eek:

You can see them on (russmartin.com)
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1970 GTO Judge w/ 455 super duty. Red or black! :cool:

AHHHEM! there was no Super Duty in 1970 But you were close only off by 2 letters

You could get the judge with 400 ram air 3 / 4 or 455 HO
and maybe even a plain 455 but not many..
Right. There's a guy around here that has an original white 1970 455 HO Judge. I think it's one of 27 or something silly like that.
Well, I got the car I always wanted. An 87 GN. But I always told my dad that I wished he had not gotten rid of his 55 210 Business Coupe (Teal and White). Sadly all I have is a picture of me at 3 years old standing on the fender. Next..... 70-72 GS convertible with a 455 and a 4 speed:D :D :D .
64 convertible malibu white with black top and 20" torque thrusts on the back and 18s on the front.
1st would have to be an 87 GN ive been saving every last penny for the last 5 months, should have one in another 5 or 6 months. Ive always wanted a 56 or 57 chevy bel-air with a phatty blower stickin out the hood. If not that any 67-69 camaro