What should i do first?


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Apr 8, 2002
Ive got a 87 T-type that hasnt been touched, shes a virgin. And i was wondering what things should i do first to get the performance up without hurting anything. I know what i want to do in the future, but i cant afford but a couple thousand dollars this summer. So i was just looking for suggestions on what will help me out the best. THX:confused:
get a fuel pump walboro 340 fuel pump
get a hotwire kit can be made from stuff at radio shack
new fuel filter
get a thrasher 92 street chip
new ac delco r43ts plugs
red armstrong QUAD AIR INC plug wires
k&n mustang air filter- 9 inch cone filter
change all the fliuds
if the car has a posi rear end-- make sure you add 2 bottles of posi additive
thats just the beginning

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