What should I do with this TCI POS?


Oct 16, 2002
Trans never has worked right since I bought it. The guy I got it from was from here and guaranteed me he had just sent it back to TCI to get 'freshened up', well we install it and it never shifts out of 2nd at WOT. Almost blew my engine up. Supposedly TCI's warranty is pay $250 at any time to send it back to get freshened up.

Now what I am about to do with the car:
Just a fun street toy, want to be able to turn it up, add the Propane and hit high 10's if necessary. Already doing built shortblock with forged TRW, billet caps, roller cam, Champion heads, etc...I want a trans that I can install and forget it. I have a good converter, 9x11 3200.

Should I send it to Jannis and have him freshen it? About what should I look at paying? Any help/comments would be much appreciated.
from my exspirence with TCI I woudnt recomend them to my worst enemy!
I had 2 of the Converters and they were Junk!
Buddy had a 700R4 and he had nothing but probs with it.
Get with Brian on this board he builds bad A$$ trans's for not a ton of $$
I am getting one from him this weekend with a Brake and all the good stuff to get my car to the 10's! :eek:
Hope this helps
Derek :D
Sounds to me like you are driving over the clutches. I think the trans you have is rated way optimistic in power handling capabilties. That trans would work behind a 300-400 Chevy motor. The torque/hp of a GN is just to much for that trans to take.
If you turn the boost down will it shift at WOT? Does it shift 1-2 at WOT?
Have you had the pan off? What valvebody is in that trans?

I have a similar problem with mine. It has a lazy 2-3 shift at wot. For the first couple of months this trans worked pretty good, but within 6 months it was junk. I tried calling and e mailing tci, and they wont return my calls. I plan to take it out and make a boat anchor out of it, and buy a trans from one of the reputable builders from this site. :mad: