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May 24, 2001
Sorry for the redundency, but thought I would post here also for maximum exposure, since I'm just looking for advice right now.

I guess it's time to "thin the herd" I need to get rid of some of these cars and having never sold a GN, I'm not sure of it's value, so maybe ya'll can help out.
The first to go will be my 86 GN. It needs paint, the roof is starting to fade, and the front is pock marked with 20 years of stone chips. There is no rust through anywhere that I'm aware of. Some minor bubbling on the lower rear corner of the driver's door and that's all I'm aware of. The car has never been involved in an accident, never leaked, etc.
It's a fully loaded 86, with moonroof, digital dash,etc. Interior is outstanding (new apholstery, except upper door panels). One minor patch in carpet where the rollbar was removed.
Everything works except the antenna (that's a surprise).
The car is a high mileage car though. It is pushing 170,000. Yes I've enjoyed driving it everywhere. The engine has about 40,000. The tranny is a billeted parts bullet proof piece. There is also a 7 disc vigilante (with typical "put into gear stall" fetish). Rear end girdle. Rear LCA's are Hotchkis.
In tank ATR double pumper.
Internally, bone stock
Externally, PTE44 w/.85, MSD 50's, CAS V2 FMIC, THDP, stock headers, ATR crossover.

There will be many parts included. The most noteworthy of which will be the original numbers matching block(undamaged). (BTW, the tranny in the car is the original numbers matching tranny).
The original heads, intake, etc. etc.

As you guessed I'm the original owner. It would be pointless to post the VIN, because the first thing you'll see on carfax is possible odometer tampering. Only because the idiots in CA smog stations wrote down what they saw without verifying it. Others did. Trust me, the mileage on the car is correct, 170,000 plus.
Oh, forgot, Translator Pro (no maf), Powerlogger, Scanmaster 2.2. OR I can remove all that, and revert it back to it's original Translator + and LS1 maf (what fun would that be?). Forgot to mention, the PLX WBO2 also.

I'm thinking about asking a firm $10,000 cash. (Lot's o' parts, bring a truck and trailer).

Please feel free to comment, ask questions. tell me if I'm out of line, whatever.

The next to go will be the 84 Z28, followed by the 87 GN. Last to go will be the truck.
Keep it get rid of the Camero. ;) :p

My usual advice. :cool: :smile:

Price is right I guess I hope for your sake you don't get it. :biggrin: