What size flowmaster do i need on my car?



I have an 82 regal and I AM SICK OF THIS CRAP with not knowing what size muffler i need to order. I dont want to end up ordering one and then it doesnt fit on my car. So please just tell me what size muffler i need like 2 1/4?????
HELP ME!!!!!!!

I have 4.1 v6
Did someone say "Flowmaster"

I just had my buddy at the muffler shop put my GN on the lift and custum built my exhaust system from the cat back with 3" twin Flowmasters and pipes with echo chamber chrome tips for $225.00 installed and he ordered the Flowmasters for me and could get them for the same price that I could get them for.

I am sure any muffler shop in your area can order the flowmasters and do the same thing that he did.
What are you looking for? Dual exhaust, custom or the original system? I've got the original single exhaust system with a Flowmaster installed in mine. Need more input....:(
I hate just replacing just one piece on a exhuast. If they have been on there for awhile it takes LOTS of heating and hammering.
Replace from the cat back or take it to a shop and have them install just a muffler.
Ok I'm lazy to, I had the shop do the Flowmaster on the truck when it was only 3 months old. $86 installed saved my knuckles :D
Alright Eighty2Regal,

Here's a couple of things you'll need to know. First off, I got the 40-Series from Flowmaster, (good pick). #42443 has a pipe diameter of "2.25 and is meant for a single exhaust system. It cost me $63.89 and I installed it.

Here was the problem: I have an '81 Regal and the O.E. pipe out from the 'cat' is "2.00 diameter and so is the tail-pipe. One has to buy two adapters if you want to make it fit.

Take Jim's advice and have a muffler shop install it. If you decide to take it on you'll have to find and buy the adapters. I wish I had the adapter sizes but I don't and for the life of me I can't remember them. If there is a Discount Auto Parts store, (DAP), in your neck of the woods the adapters stock numbers are 548512.

Note: My Regal is an '81 and it's stock pipe diameter is "2.00, if your '82's is the same size you will run into this problem..... :(