What to do??? USPS ??

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i already said i would agree to that so sure but at least try and call the post office it is worth a shot 200 dollars is nothing to sneeze at man

^tomorrow that is
i changed your feedback to positive, too much testasterones flying around this place. im convinced this car is a curse and i wish i never laid eyes on it, some of the worst experiances of my life have resulted from this car
if it wasnt the machine shop giving me shit it was the body shop if it wasnt the body shop it was the paint shop and now this and all the fucking gremlins OMG GOOD FUCKING RIDENSE
i will call post office tomorrow, see what they say atleast we getting somewhere instead of arguing about who's right and who's wrong
il be investing my money elsewhere now like getting laid i coulda went to the bar and got laid twice with those 2 hundred bucks do you all feel me on that one or what
i would go about it like this "excuse me im calling about something i recently bought online and there giving me hell about refunding it etc etc etc could you please check if a small black box was found with a cord blah blah blah"
the guy asked me if it was fragile and i asked why and he said so i can put a sticker and nothing over 20 pounds will go on top of it thats why im especially suspect as to how it opened like that, but who knows maybe a worker thought it was a wallet with money who really knows
Hmm......not trying to stir up any more shit but pick up a 20lb dumbell and ask yourself if that little little plastic box would be ok under that thing bouncing around in the back of a truck. Glad you guys seem to have come to an understanding
Here an example for ya. Here is an empty box with a 25lb dumbell on it.


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ok now pick it up about a foot and a half to imitate the kind of bullshit visual u were trying to put out of "bouncing around in the back of the truck" and drop it
you have made it obvious to me that your a douche bag by taking it this far anyways with your "not trying to stir shit up" now busting out pictures? go choke on a fat one.

Na. At first it was a common sense thing. Now its pure entertainment. Closest thing I got to a spare scanmaster.


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