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Apr 28, 2005
my combo is in my sig. any questions about it just ask! quick rundown of my story, threw car together with said combo and the stock turbo, stock 100,000 mi. trans & converter in '07 to make the Buick vs. Ford meet, first time out with no tuning and no clue what to expect the car went 12.95, i was happy! spent the next couple of fall/winter months driving the car around on the street and then the stock turbo ate itself alive one evening, i let the car sit for awhile then a turbo buick buddy offered to let me use his PT51 turbo(thats posted in my sig.) that i installed the following spring, car was laggy as hell still having the stock converter, but it was noticeably more powerful, so i bought said converter in my sig. from a board member (i wanted and still want a precision converter but the price and availability was to good at the time and was better than the stock converter with that turbo), then went to the track to tune and get a feel for the car, i was rewarded with improved ET's every pass with said combo and with my mediocre tuning skills, and still learning just how to stage and leave the best way, i went my previous best of 11.73 @ 115-116 ish( don't have the time slips right in front of me right now) i was able to back that time up on a couple of other outings, but still not consistent enough to my liking( but mostly due to my driving skill or trying different things) then on some later outings the car simply started slowing down, so i threw a couple parts at it hoping to improve its times, i put the dbl adjustable rear uppers, on it and the hr parts engine and trans mounts, didn't really do much for ETs at the time nor i did figure it would but knew i needed the parts to help attain some of my goals and to get some consistency, around this time (late 08)i also put the jakes perf. trans in it to, this did help the ETs slightly but mainly because the trans wasn't slipping or flaring in shifts now. the car sit all of 2009 and only raced it once the whole year at Buick vs. Ford in Noble that year, for 2009 to help my staging launching issues i also installed a bailey 2-step on the car, this helped a little but the car was still going slow( as in couldnt get it back into the 11's, would only do some 12teens at best) 2010 was the same lack luster performance, i was discouraged! everything seemed good, EXCEPT i had noticed my fuel pressure being off a little bit, i didn't put much thought into it, the car sit over the winter until spring and i drove around on the street some then driving the car to work one day i went to pass a semi the car made a huge POP! i thought i blew a charge hose off, but no! the car was acting fine, i rolled back into the throttle slowly only to watch the fuel pressure drop and the boost pressure came up !!:confused: bad fuel pump! i should have noticed the warning signs! I let the car sit from june of '11 until a couple of weeks before the Buick vs. Ford race in Oct. in Noble and put an aeromotive 340 in the car rebuilt the fuel pressure regulator for good measure and put a new pair of slicks on the car, test drove the car fuel pressure was where it was supposed to be car "felt good" again! at BvF race, off the trailer it went an 11.65 @ 115-116 ish!! i was thrilled, car felt like its old self again! attributed the cars slowly fading performance to a slowly dying walboro, wasn't able to repeat my new best due to a accidental bump back into 2nd gear during a pass, and then a bad low boost leave, but the car felt like its old self again!

the owner of the borrowed PT51 contacted me a few weeks before the BvF race saying he needed his turbo back and agreed to let me keep till after the BvF race, so i took it off after that and the car has been setting since the end of October.

after years of piddling around, or being too busy with other stuff and not having the financial means to do the stuff to the car i've wanted i finally have the financial means, and therefore extra motivation to get the car to the point i want it!

since the car has been sitting turboless for several months now i thought it time to put a good matching to my combo and performance goals turbo on it! instead of post a bunch of threads on here to questions that keep getting asked i did a bunch of research on here and liked what i read about Precions 6262! as this was a slightly bigger turbo than the PT51 and seems like it has some growing room to suit where i would eventually like to see the car perform! so i ordered a 6262 ball bearing S cover, .63 a/r !

also long over due was a better intercooler! i know there are a lot of opinions on the subject as far whats best(front mount, SLIC, big neck stocker, forget about spending $$ on an intercooler and buy ALKY inj. etc.) i've ordered an RJC 325 front mount! i just dont see how i could go wrong with it even if its overkill or cheaper ways to yield the same results! should be the last time i ever have to worry about whether or not my intercooler is adequate for the rest of my combo!

when i get the new turbo and intercooler on, my goals are to repeat the car previous best and hopefully at lower boost(say 15-20lbs), i was running the PT51 at 22-23 ish,( in fact i never could get the 51 below 20lbs, and i knew porting the wastegate hole would help this but i wasnt gonna grind around on a turbo that wasn't mine) then slowly start tweaking it to an 11.40 ish or better, maybe even see a 10.99 out of it! also i am hoping this 6262 will make about the same power the 51 did at 15ish lbs that the 51 made at 20lbs so maybe between the better turbo and big intercooler i can drive on the street on pump gas and not worry about knock so much!

my next purchase for the car is likely going to be a new converter of the same stall speed or maybe even bump it up to 3500, and it looks like a non-lu is the best route the days even though i kinda like the couple hundred rpm reduction the lockup gives.. my main disappointment with the car still is spooling it up on the line! i think think the converter is largely to blame, but then i worry i may having compounded this by going to a bigger turbo, but these new comp./turbine wheels are supposed to be better than older designs to help with this! opinions on this please!

after i get comfortable with the new setup i plan on purchasing ALKY injection!! so i can quit buying 116 race gas! i would go ahead and do it now but i don't want to change to many thing all at once and not know which one to chase when a problem arises!

i guess what my main questions and concerns are..

did i buy a good turbo that will match the rest of my combo and "feel better" , have snappier street manners that what i was running when i hammer down on it?

will i be happier with the spool up characteristics of this turbo/intercooler combo?

will i be able to attain the same performance number with this new turbo/intercooler at lower pressures?

am i heading in the right direction or blowing money and pissing in the wind?

any input is appreciated and thank you for wasting your time reading my scattered, ADD style ramblings when i post whether you reply or not!
I'm not knowledgeable enough to answer your questions, but you will be pleased with your new Intercooler. RJC did a good job sizing that IC & it installs real easy.

Let me start by saying our combos are similiar....

I think a 3500 stall for a 6262 B.B. turbo is too much....My 6262 is a journal bearing turbo that stalls around 2900 at 0lbs of boost...I wouldn't mind bumping that up just a bit, but not much....I went to the track last year for the 1st time in about 20years and the 1st time with this car....Went 11.90 at 120 with a bad 2.0 60ft...... I coudldn't leave the line with any boost what so ever as the rear brakes would not hold.....

I would get the alky and forget about turning the boost down.. Run the same boost or higher and get a 10 second time slip...The biggest thing you will notice about the turbo is how fast the boost comes up...My boost comes on hard and fast with the billet wheel...That I.C. will make a difference as well...