What to look for when buying a TR?

It's been a few years and I haven't owned a TR in almost 5 years. I've forgotten a lot. I'm going to pick up my old car I sold back in 2001 to give it a good once over before I buy. It's an 86' T Type

What all should I check mechanically?

Here's what I know for sure:

20K mile on stock rebuilt tranny

124K on engine that's never been opened up. I myself put over 200 passes @ 25 psi on her when I had it and it still sounds strong. The current owner (friend of mine) has used it just for a daily driver.

Some of the goodies I had on it are gone and other than the 3" Houston DP, Hooker exhaust, and 009 injectors she's all stock now.

I would appreciate any help on the "common" places to look for problems. I have a lift at home, so no problem getting underneath her.