What wire and connector is this (fuse box).


Any idea what wire this might be just 'hangin around' in my fuse box not connected to anything???


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Not sure what it's for. Maybe the stereo. Mine is plugged into the bat terminal right below the power acc. relay in your pic where that big black wire is plugged in.
It is a power accessory feed for something in the interior. I THINK it's power seats but I'd have to climb up under the dash to verify.
X2 on the seats. I'm amazed you still have the crappy plastic covering below the dash still in place. I pulled mine off long ago.... too hard to access the below dash wiring. Which...it seems...I am ALWAYS doing. :rolleyes:
Back under the dash...years later. See my favorite dangling orange wire connected to what looks like a capacitor mounted on the upper right part of the fuse panel. Attached an updated pic. I did find a pic of a fuse panel on the internet with it plugged into one of the BAT slots (under the 30 amp brake fuse - which I've become very familiar with lately *&!$@*) which according to the owner's manual are for "radio capacitor" - added that pic as well. I guess my question is, mine hasn't been plugged in for years and I haven't noticed any radio issues. Anyone know what it is supposed to do?

I believe it acts as a filter so your radio doesn't pick up electrical noise. You know that whir you here over the speakers in cars that changes with engine rpm? That.
Great reply !!! Like we don't have enough wires to explore.............answers a curious area already.....!