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Jul 24, 2001
OK, so my moms out of town for a couple days shopping and asks if I'd feed her cats. I say sure. I go over there and for some reason my moms ex boss is still there. She came from Maine to visit and stayed at my moms, but was supposed to leave today. She didn't leave (obviously) because her kid who is with her is sick and can't be around other people, or so she says. Anyway, fine, whatever, but heres the deal. This is one sloppy bitch people, I've been to her house once and could not believe it. I literally could not walk through her house. It was unfit for anyone, let alone a kid. So I go into my moms and guess what? She's pretty well trashed my moms house! I was flaming mad. Now its even better. She's no where to be found. Her kid is maybe 6 or 7, and is laying on the couch, but this silly bitch is gone. Great. Theres food everywhere, dirty dishes everywhere, clothes everywhere, just nasty. What kind of useless POS does this to someone elses house? You'd think she could at least keep the dishes, I dunno, in the G**damn kitchen! Hell no, its all over the place. I wanna slap her. I called my mom on her cell, and she's like well, they are leaving soon anyway. She won't let me say anything to her. I'd snap like a stick if I came home to that. I should call the police on her for not watching the kid. And this woman is supposed to be very smart, she has a PHD for cryin' out loud. Guess she didn't take home ec., huh? What a dumb ass POS. Think I should go over and take charge or just let my mom deal with it? Its hard to keep my mouth shut about stuff like this.
Thats enough to piss anybody off, but I would respect your moms wishes since she has already asked you to lay off. I'm sure she doesnt want to burn any bridges, this being her ex boss. Bite your tongue so you don't put your mom in an uncomfortable position. Like you said, it should be over soon anyway. What a weirdo.
I agree....your house...your decision.

Mom's house....Mom's decision. Don't let your mouth put your Mom into an uncomfortable position.
It's her "X boss". No loss for your Mom if you light her up like the 4th of july and call child services on her.
It's her house to make the decision to let someone use it or not. However, the unsupervised kid thing is disturbing. IMO a 6 y/o shouldn't be left alone. What if something happens? The house surely isn't child proofed if there isn't always a kid there. I wonder if your mother could get in trouble, or drawn into it if the mother isn't staying around and something happens? Like having a pool that the neighbors kid drowns in, you could be liable. You could go over there if the mother isn't around and wait for her. Tell her you weren't comfortable leaving a young child unattended, for safety reasons, plus that is no way to treat someone else's house.

Cliff's notes: that sucks.
I would be mad if I were you also, but what are you gonna do though. Also you know what they say about the super smart people, they are unorganized & slobs!
Sam ,did your mom teach you anything,,seriously tho you should just let it go( I know its hard but you have to) and your mom will deal with it ..Take care. Dennis:)
Act in the best interest of the kid, call Child protective services, turn the kid over, then change the locks on the house.