What would you do?


Daily Driver
May 25, 2001
If you were suddenly forced to drive the car in the back.....
GN is having some oil issues and I had to get this thing quickly.
Finance guy saw the GN the day I test drove the Honder he drives a rusty old Ram truck and a 2002 Accord.
It's an Accordian Sport 2.0T with V-TEC YO!!! ;)
Serious question, when did they redesign power window buttons to work backwards? Pull back on the button in every car I've every had and the window goes down.
Not this one of course. :rolleyes:
Can't even hear the damn thing running. Needs a fart can or something. :p
Only two anxiety attacks while driving it so far, I miss the GN already. :(
I had a 2006 Accord with V Tech V6 and drove the snot out of it for 160K miles..... I gave it to my son who now has 240K on it, and it still runs like scalded dog when you mat the accelerator.

No rust, either.........