87 Limited Restored CHEAP..Over 1500 Build Pics


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I want to start off by saying that this is going to be a tire kicker and picture hoarders wet dream of a post and you all know what i mean...lol...Ok, Ive deleted the other post to selling my car so I can start this new one with pics and more info....Im trying to answer a few of the questions that has been asked also.I was kinda testing the water before with the other post and got a bunch of bites so Im redoing it right... Im including a photobucket with over a 1500 pics of the build. If you have any questions after reading this and seeing all the pics then shoot me a pm and i will get back to u asap. The car is located in Milan, TN. Im about 100 miles west of nashville and 70 miles east of memphis and 20 miles north of jackson, TN. The car is garaged kept and has never been in any bad weather at all since build. Im also including some pics of the car the day I bought it, after it was cleaned and buffed, and a pic of it restored so you will know and see for your own eyes it was not a rust bucket before i started. It was actually a very nice limited that needed love....lol

Oh, and no one can accuse me of not providing enough info or pics so enjoy!!!!!!

Make sure you start looking at the pics at photobucket from last page to first page or you will see me turn an awsome gn into a maroon T..lol...Seriously, the build is backwards on photobucket, so start at the end and work your way back to page 1 for the start to finish.

Grand National Pics pictures by sixstringterror - Photobucket

This is my 1987 Turbo T Limited that originally had 106,000 miles before retoration. It now has around 500 miles or so. It is absolutly 100% rust free. There is no patch work or bondo or anything of that nature done to the car. It was wet sanded. glazed with finishing putty and primed and painted. It is done in PPG Base and clear. It has 3 coats of clear and 3 coats of base and the primer is high build polyurethane and has 3 coats of it. This was my first large paint job so it has some minor flaws but i think it still turned out very good. It was wet sanded and buffed and looked immaculant when first completed. It needs to be buffed again becuase of the assembling and tinkering over the past year. You will see in the pics that i did each part of the car seperatly. Everything on the inside like the fenders, doors, hull, underneath is all done with por15 rust preventitive paint. This car will never rust again if taken care of properly. I even painted the inner fenders inside and out with this paint. Every thing on this car was painted apart from each other and then assembled..You will see all this in the pics..I sandblasted each bolt and hand painted them with rust proof paint. The car is running and flys like a bat out of hell. I rides like a caddy with the all brand new suspention and is pushing around twenty pounds of boost with no knock on alky. It needs to be tuned but im kinda new when it comes to that so im sure it can do way more. Its got the stock intercooler and its a new engine so i didnt want to push it past 20 lbs yet. I had the engine honed, cam bearings installed, freeze plugs installed, crank turned 10/10 and the other usual stuff done at a local race shop here in my town. I built the engine myself and you will see in the pics the tolerences that the engine has. It has no knocks and purs like a kitten. It has a comp 206 cam i believe if memory serves me right. It is all stock bottom end. It has a high volume oil pump that has 80 pounds of pressure cold and 20 to 25 pounds at hot idle and for these cars thats exellent. The front cover has been drilled and modified for better oil routing getting rid of the burrs and such. I have been a member of this site for 4 years or so and have done extinsive research on here on these cars so all the little tricks and trades of building one has been applied to this build. I have over 20k in this car in money alone not counting my three years of labor so my price is ABSOLUTLY FIRM!!!!!! Anyone who knows what goes into building one of these cars or any car for that matter will tell you this is a STEAL!!!!! The tires are in good shape, 75% tread and rims are not new but look like it. The rims are made by Rikken and are not made anymore. They are 8inch on the front and 10inch rear i beleive. They were made for this car and do not stick out in the rear and dont scrape inner frame so no notch on the frame was needed for my build. The car has been owned by atleast 7 people if i remember correctly when i did the carfax on it years ago but it is a clean title that i have in my hand and its in my name...It is and always will be a 1987 Turbo T Limited, but everyone knows the Grand National so if you didnt look at the serial number youd never know the difference. Im not trying to hide the fact that its a limited, i just wanted a gn and this is what i ended up with...lol....Everything that a gn has this car has and more even..It has the custom floor mats, the gn trunk kit, badges, dash and etc, etc, You can see it in the pics. The interior is original not recovered and is excellent. The back seat has one or two flaws at the top that cant be seen unless you stick your head in the rear deck lid..lol..The front seats are very nice too...The interior is a ten in my opinion. The car comes with the dell pc you see in the pics with turbolink and all software for it and it also has the rare turbolink boost harness too. There is an invertor in the car also that comes with the sell that powers the pc. I also have a pc stand that is brand new in the box that comes with the deal too. It has a a new sidewinder alarm on it that controls the trunk and door locks too. Ive had some questions from people about would it be drivable to wherever, USA..I will say this, its a new build and ive got most of the kinks out of it but i would prefer someone haul it for the simple fact its NEW. I drove it 300 miles round trip from Milan, TN. to Clarksdale, ms. with no problems and a couple hundred miles hear around town, so its worthy of the road but its still new. This car is clean and beautiful so i would not drive it across country until it was insured and alligned and so on....and by the way..it needs alligned because the steering wheel is off a little from dead center when your going straight, not because it pulls to the left or right. It drives straight as an arrow. The tow on the tires may need adjusting too so a good allignment will be necesseray. I hope ive answered most of what you need to know and the many, many, many pics should do the rest, but if you do have a question feel free to ask...I will give a list of whats installed on the car and a list of things thats wrong with it....

Parts List:

new greedy profec-b boost controller
new Razors Alky kit (single nozzle)
new gm 3 bar map sensor
new bilsten shocks
new front and rear springs
new rotors
all new brake lines
new calipers
new wheel bearings and seals
new upper and lower ball joints
all new front end done with moog parts
all new front and rear bushings (moog)
all new polyurethane body bushings
all new rear brake cylinders and hubs and hardware
all new brake lines from front to back
new windshield
AVC custom dash kit for gauges
VDO boost, vacuum, alt, clock, speedo, tach, trans temp and fuel gauges
new Autometer oil pressure and water temp gauges
new Caspers knock gauge
Two kenny bell fuel pressure gauges..one mounted to hood and other on rail
3200 vigilante multidisc stall
new 3 1/2 inch ls1 maf
new maf translater gen II
new Extreme g alky chip from full throttle
new 60 lbs mototron injectors
new caspers fuel injector harness
new K&N air filter
new gm outer black door handles
new gm upper and lower door weather rubber seals
new gm dew sweeps
new gm window motors
new heater core
new ac fan blower motor
new sidewinder alarm system
new pc stand
dell latitude c600 pc
new turbolink software and kit with boost harness for tuning
gm adjustible fuel pressure regulator
new walbro fuel pump and hotwire kit
new black jet hot coated 3 inch externally gated downpipe
38mm wastegate...cant remember brand name..duh
new gm ignition module
new gm cam sensor
new gm coilpak
new gm throttle position sensor
new gm crank sensor
new turbo oil saver
two new k and n oil filters
new gn embroidered trunk kit
new headlights
new gm parking lights
new gm grill
new gm headlight bezels
new trans cooler and electric fan
new gaskets and seals on everything that takes one
new power booster
new carpet
new hurst shifter, shifterplate and shifter cable
new power steering hoses
new vacuum hoses
new wire loom all through the whole car
new headliner
new upper and lower radiator hoses
new v belt
new water pump
rebuilt altenator
new fusible links
all new fuses and relays
new wipers
new bulbs for tail lights
new gm front and rear bumper fillers
aluminum bumpers on the inside
new spark plug wires
new three piece green neon light kit
new gm front and rear bumper strips
new gm hood liner
new hood shocks
new wiper motor
new fuel filter
ta60 turbo (non bb)

Im sure theres more but you get the idea...lol

Now for the bad and the reason im selling:

The car smokes when you first crank it up. I can drive it down the road and it quits smoking but when i cut it off and crank it back up after sitting a few minutes it smokes again so im assuming its heads. I had the haeds ported and polished with a three angle valve job but it was done three years ago and im just now getting the car running so they wont warranty it. It may be something simple that i dont know of but im tired of fooling with it so thats on you. It smokes like a train for a few minutes and then nothing..its so aggrivating. It needs a little trans leak fixed at the d tent cable at the tranny. I think the o ring is missing. The passenger side window needs some adjusting. The tach doesnt work and i dont know why. The ac lines needs to be painted and put on then ac needs to be charged. The front end needs alligning. The oil plug on pan needs a new plastic seal as it leaks a little drop or two. The radiator support needs painting. Thats about it....

As you can see the major problem and the reason for the cheap, cheap price is the smoking issue..I know its not the rings cause it stops smoking after a bit and it has 155 pounds of cylinder pressure on all 6. The rest that needs to be done is simple for it to be awsome. I will be working on the car until it sells but the price will change for what i complete.

Now , the reason im selling is not because i need money, or times are tough, its becuase Im just burnt out on this car. I know i could get the heads redone and get more for it but I dont want to. I dont even want to finish painting the few little odd and ends that is left to do, besides there is a car here that I want to buy that is 13000 dollars and I want to sell this to fund it. That is why Im asking 13000 FIRM!!!!!!!!! I wont take a penny less and you can see from the pics its well worth that. If i can get the 13k then I will buy the other car and I will be happy :) I dont want any trades except for what im buying which is a 2000 to a 2002 ws6 trans am 6 speed black on black with ram air hood. I have been told by everyone that i know, that im a fool for selling it this cheap but f them , i want this ta im looking at. So dont miss this deal...when that ta sells this sale will be coming down and i will just let it sit in my shop until i get the intrest in it again to fix the heads so dont miss out if you want the deal of a lifetime. The pics should do all the talking but i figured i would throw my two cents in too... :) Oh and by the way the blue wire loom is gone and replaced with black.

Thanks to Turbobuick.com for the info and parts for sell forum to have made this build possible and i hope someone that loves these cars as much as i have gets it and enjoys it...The hard part is over with...lol


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Congrats on a Beautiful car! Too bad I can't afford it right now.. Its too far out of my Price Range unless you were interested in some quads or a front-end loader. But I just want to pop in and say I have skimmed through the pics, and it looks aaawweeeessoooommmeee!

Sold pending final payment!!!!

You bet bro, Looking forward to seeing ya this weekend, hopefully sooner :) Im ready to get this TA...lol.....Tim
Did this car seriously sell in a few hours? :confused:

Well at least you're selling it to get another totally badass car...those WS6's are incredible cars, and in black/black with the 6-speed it is just SICK! One of my all time favorites for sure. I had the 30th Anniversary WS6 when they came out, but I actually kicked myself in the ass later for not getting the black 6-speed I went there to buy! I'd probably still have that car...
If only you were closer to Arizona! After looking through all of the pictures, $13K is a steal for this car. Congrats on the sale.
Turbo T


Thanks Bobby for the ease of transaction. I will protect her with my life until shes picked up. Its actually awsome, Im going to pick up my WS6 in the morning so now I can get a pic of the GN and WS6 sitting together before the GN hits the road. Its almost symbolic.....lol......
Congratulations to both party's, that's what I call a win/win deal.

On a side note, while looking at the pictures, Internet Explorer locked up..... lucky for me, I do tech repair. I did not find malware of any kind. But what ever it was disabled IE, 30 min. later and some groaning, all is good now, just thought I would let you know, not the 1st time I had issue with photo bucket.


Thanks Bobby for the ease of transaction. I will protect her with my life until shes picked up. Its actually awsome, Im going to pick up my WS6 in the morning so now I can get a pic of the GN and WS6 sitting together before the GN hits the road. Its almost symbolic.....lol......

Make sure you post the pic of the two!
The Girls

I thought all you guys might want to see the girls together before they part ways....lol


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