What you guys think is wrong?


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Jan 11, 2004
My car has been dying every now and then when i come to a stop sign or red light. It smells like it's running rich...very gassy. When i get on it i get lots of white smoke. And the other day i was getting lots of white smoke when i was just sitting with it running in a parking lot.:confused: But that only happened once. I'm thinking bad MAF...but not sure.
White smoke is a sign of a leaky or blown headgasket allowing coolant into the cylinders and burning white. Check the radiator for exhaust bubbles when running or milky oil, Good luck
well i dropped the oil, it looked fine. Except for being dirty anyway. I started it up afterwards and let it idle for a bit. Didn't have any smoke, but i started reving it and some "water" came out the exhaust. I say water because it was clear, and the only smell it had was of gas. I noticed that this car doesn't have a cat on it....could this cause raw gas to come out the exhaust?
Could also be turbo bearings going bad....I have a buddy who had the same symptoms when his turbo died. Remove the inlet bell and check the impeller for hopefully smooth movement and no play....
Well the smell of gas vs. steam vs. oil burning are all distinctive, IMO. If it smells like gas or rich, then chase that first. I certainly am not the expert on where to start on a "too rich" diag, so I won't.
Sounds like your running WAY TOO rich. Do you have a scan tool? How about a FPR? If so, turn down your fuel pressure and see if that fixes it.