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I have found a 1982 Regal Sport Coupe, I know Very little about these cars and am very interested. It has 116,000km not miles on it and the asking price is 3000.00 canadian (or about 500.00 american with the current exchange rate :D )
It needs paint,an intake gasket,and a rear main seal.But is otherwize in pretty good shape. It does have t-tops that leak but the interior is in good shape the interior color is a light green and the exterior is dark green (almost black) and silver but does need a repaint (the owner says it is due to a bad break up with his ex) it has a 3 speed tranny and god knows what rear end gear ratio but the car is what I would say is quite quick and looks to be well maintained it has all the badgeing and I have known about the car for about 8 years and very little has been changed in that time. What is a good price for this car and what little things should i look out for before I make an offer on it. Any input would be great!
I think he was kidding about the exhange rate. It's usually about 1.50 Canadian to $1 USD. The the asking price is roughly $2,000 USD.

Dark green with silver is a designer's series paint job. This is like the black/gray WH1 84/86 TR's. It would have a 3.08 rear.

Sounds like a good price to me if it runs good and is rust free. :) There nothing in particluar to worry about, except the less the engine and emissions have been messed with the better. I'm pretty sure an '82 Export car will have an ECM.