What's it worth?


Hey guys,

I'm not sure if this is in the right section but I'm looking to get back into a GN and have been checking out a few cars over the past few months. I found an 87 GN hardtop, fully loaded, with around 150k miles... all original except for a catback exhaust. It is a fully documented 2 owner car with no major rust, just some surface rust on the inner bottom door seams and a very small bubble on the lower rear 1/4 panel. It still has the factory paint, which is in bad shape. It's a 20 footer and could use a respray in the near future. It does have all new fillers in place though. The interior is mint except for a crack on the dash by the speaker, and it also needs a headliner. The power antenna doesn't work but everything else has been maintained/replaced and is up to date, such as the brakes, tires, hoses, etc.

What's do you guys think it's worth? Be realistic because I would like to base my offer on your input! A decent repaint is pretty costly and the mileage is up there.

Thanks in advance :cool:
Got any pics??? Engine bay/underneath ect.....

No pictures from under the car but it's pretty solid under there. The engine bay is clean, but I don't have any pictures of that either.

The paint on the passenger door is pretty bad, almost completely dull and the hood emblems are missing. This is the overall condition:



Rust on the doors:



6k to 8k.....IMO... if it runs good and tranny is fine.

Thanks! That's exactly what I figured. It might need some weatherstripping and other odds and ends I didn't mention, but the drivetrain seems pretty solid. It has a slight leak from the rear main seal, but I think that's about it.

I got a tentative "quote" for a full repaint and it was just about 5 grand for a quality job (why bother doing it half-assed, you know) :eek: It wouldn't be cost-effective at that point because of the mileage, so I'm hoping the paint can be saved or at least become more presentable with some professional help.

I would love to pick up a clean GN with low mileage but I can't justify spending the scratch on one right now lol so something like this will have to do for the time being.
I passed on this car, the guy didn't want to budge down from $7k and I still needed to fly down and drive her home, it just wasn't worth it. Thanks for the help!
Good move passing on the car at this time. Unfortunately for us owners, its a buyers market right now. You could probably find a nicer car with lower mileage that doesnt need paint for around 9-10k at this point. In the long run that will be much cheaper than paying 6-7k for a car and 5k for paint, etc. Good luck on your search.