Whats your winter plans?


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May 29, 2001
Just wondering whos gong to be looking into what this winter. Fixes for bugs, planned mods, spending sprees, touch ups ect.

Heres what I want fixed for spring:
1. solution for brake problem, I want to hold more boost.
2. solution to my mph problem, the current hot idea in my small brain is to go to a T-400 with a switch pitch convertor. 4k stall at the line and 1.8k shortly after launch. Going for hardcore 60's and good mph both.
3. move air temp sensor from air filter to up pipe. I run LS1 maf so you can do this. I want to see what temps are at the throttle body during the run.
4. Pine wood derby type stuff. Making the car roll easier and straight as possible has to pay off some where doesnt it? front end component check and alignment, wheel bearing check and grease, brake drag stuff. Hopefully little dollars and mainly checking greasing and adjusting type stuff.
5. maybe move my MAF sensor to up pipe. Measuring the air closer to the motor should be closer to representing the amout of air going into the motor at that exact time shouldn't it? It will also change a pre turbo restiction to a post turbo restriction. When dealing with any kind of pump restrictions after the pump always hurts less than having it before the pump.
6. maybe check into having my exhaust manifolds and cross over pipe thermal coated(jet hot). Insulating pre turbo exhaust pipes is a proven old school technique. Guys with old turbo set ups always say how much thier lag went down when they wraped thier pre turbo exh pipes. My dad turbo charged a Honda gold wing and the bike ran much better after he wraped his pipes. If you keep the heat in the pipes then there should be less back pressure on the motor which should show up as HP. It should help keep thing under the hood a good bit cooler. Infact atleast on non turbo cars they guarntee a sizeable under hood temp drop when you have your headers coated.

What are the rest of you going to do? And if your from the south I dont want to hear no crap like "get a sun tan" If you say that I'll ship you an F'n truck load of snow in about a month or less.

Doesnt it seam like putting a built motor in the car with some good: heads, cam, and stuff like that would be the way to go. I have a built short block just sitting here. It just seams to me that if I can get the car to run hard on the stock motor then the new one should fly. I just wish I could have got the car back out this year. Only having one shot to try to tune 72# injectors on a stock long block just wasn't fair :rolleyes: . I should have left the damn 50's in it. Didn't a few people tell me that? O'well if I put my crankshaft on the ground it shouldn't be d/t a lack of fuel unless I really screw some thing up.

Get my tranny fixed.

Get the alky setup from Razor.

Maybe upgrade my injectors.

Like to get to 12 flat with stock turbo.

I'm hopping to convert to roller, Install a new fuel pump, fix my brakes to hold more boost, and work out as many of the problems as I can.
Whenever I look at the damage that the crank did to my block, I am going to build a motor. Damn crank just snapped driving on the highway! Can you believe that?! Not getting on it or anything. I have my suspicions but I will not get into that or try and flame the person that suposedly turned my crank 10/10. I think he put a NA crank in it. The sad part was that it was running better than it has ever ran before! Just my luck I guess. Guess I will have to do some homework on what I want to do. I would like to stay w/ a stock block, crank, and rods and then go from there. I have some thoughts but just thoughts and thats it. Just have to find those parts. I probably won't find another TTA crank but who knows. I will probably be bugging you folks this winter on what to get and things along those lines. I am going to try and do most of the researching myself. Wish me luck!
I'll be taking my t-tops off and cruising by the beach :p Looking at all those hot white Canadian women sun bathing :rolleyes:


Seriously..get my tranny fixed and shoot down an 11.30 with a stocker on alky.
Getting rid of my 3.08 gears and stuffing some 3.42's in there

Dumping my nonlockup converter for a lockup unit

Thats the big changes I have planned,I have others that I'd like to do such as bigger injectors,bigger turbo(like a q-trim 70),and a FAST but my finances are making it look like a next winter project right now.

Hey Jason, you can come down here and dump that snow on my I/C between rounds:p


Max out combo;)
1= Get my tranny to Vince Janis for a rebuild(had to spend some
of my tranny fund on a head gasket replacement :mad: )

2= Order and install one of Razor's alky kits.

3= Change the diff. fluid and hopefully fix the leaking gasket in the

4= Keep my fingers crossed that my intake gasket doesn't start
leaking around the water ports, because I just realized that I did
not put any silicone around them :eek: .

Finally go racing.....:D ..just now starting to cool down out her in SoCal. Kinda sucks having 90* weather in October
I think that I will be spending the winter detailing the underneath of the car and puting everything back 100% bone stock. I have recently purchased the stock air cleaner and radio and a few small hoses and such I needed. Now I ask everybodys help in locating me a rough TTA that I can play with and not worry about what I do to it.
To drive my car.

Do some of you have to park it in the garage during the winter months?

BTW the next T&T is in January here (sirace.com) and 11's are coming!!!!!!!!!
Do some of you have to park it in the garage during the winter months?

Well thats what I had planed but the old lady wants to park her car in the garage so she doesnt have to scrape ice off her windows in the morning. So one stall will be for the harleys and one will be for a damn Saturn! That just doesnt seam right. The Saturn gets to be inside and the TA gets stuck out in the ice and snow. The Harleys don't bug me because the low rider is mine.

Drive it, it loves the cold air...
Also an alky kit from Razor...
And some other fun stuff basically so with like 2min I can put the car on kill form a street tune....
Drive it, it loves the cold air...
Also an alky kit from Razor...
And some other fun stuff basically so with like 2min I can put the car on kill form a street tune....
Drive it, it loves the cold air...
Also an alky kit from Razor...
And some other fun stuff basically so with like 2min I can put the car on kill form a street tune....
Hunter, we get the point!!:D

I think that is a new record, a Triple post. I have seen plenty of Double posts, but never a Triple:eek:
Put the harley in the house and the TA in the garage!

I'm a red neck and my wife could probably imagine me trying to do some thing like that. I really dont want a frying pan up side the head. Hell I dont even have any hair that could atleast cushion the blow!

Hell I'm bald AND P' whipped! :( oh yeah and I'm fat now too.... and I fahrt all the time any more....and I dont have hair where I should and growing it where it shouldnt....and I'm going blind.....Crap! I guess I'm getting old!!