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1.440 60 foot :eek:

Pulling the wheels on pump gas :wink:


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Great Pics Razor. 89 TTAs are one of my favorite cars of all time. I have an 88 with an LS1 thats looking for 8s on spray this year. BTW I will be purchasing 3 of your alcohol kits very shortly. Need one for a TT Z06, Single 70mm 2001 SS and my soon to be purchased GN. :D
not bad .. I did that with my stock TTA back in 89 :rolleyes: :biggrin: hey you running drag radials ??? noticed ya have 16" wheels on it . I like the stock look :biggrin:
that's awesome. That's one thing I've said I'd like to own, a car that'll pull the front wheels off the ground. So any new bests with the car yet?
Scott thanks.. looking forward to the call..

Dan..those are the 6 year old slicks that came with the car.. gotta love pulling those heavy front tires :biggrin: I'll be working on moving weight to the back.. see if I can get more air under them. If I do the battery to the back, maybe a glass hood, etc... Next week i'll be sending out a set of stock rear wheels to Weavy so he can narrow them.. 16x5.5 and run some thinner front tires yet still keep the stock look. those Comp TA ZR tires are very very heavy.

Quiky One.. my first pass of the day.. track was prepped.. didnt even have my jacket on.. :eek: track was mad... did spray my final runs of the day in third gear.. need to do a write up.. and start working on that. Best yesterday was a 10.61 on a sloppy 60 foot.

72firebird.. my goal was to do this and get it caught doing so.. one of those things you dont realize what you did till it happens.. improved my 1/8 MPH by 1 mph.. but the weather wasnt here.. January in Fla.. 80 degree's and humid..

87GN_D.. :)

Raymond.. You can do it..
razor, most 245/50 16 radials run about 28lbs. instead of narrowing a nice set of rims, maybe you can run some drag radials on the front. they gotta weigh less than regular radials. i have a set of m&h race masters that are super lite. i noticed the nitto drags are v rated. that means they gotta have somewhat stiff sidewalls. i've heard of guys running these on all four corners for road racing purposes, so they must corner decent enough for street use.

just a thought, i dig stock appearing and your car presently has that look. big and littles look like crap on f-bodies.