When did the 'discount' auto chains become a bad deal ?


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After shopping at Autozone and Oreillys for years, I have moved away to online and even home improvement stores for auto supplies. My local Menards store blows them away for all the basics at nearly half the price. Recently looked at a turn signal switch for the wife's Tahoe.. 240 at AZ, rockauto was 100, then found it with an instructional video at 1aauto.com for 70 with LT warranty. Too bad everything has to be online nowadays... Even AZ should have the buying power to not charge amost 4 times the price ! Wood, nails... 5 quarts of oil and a filter.... check !
yep im amazon freak now free shipping don't have to leave the house
but all my TR stuff I still get from guys on here or supporters of our cars


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Yea box stores pretty much for emergency now. Needed a coil for my trailblazer. Az wanted 70 bucks for one. Spark plugs 9 bucks ea. On line 50 bucks for a full set of 6 coils. A set of 6 plugs 30 bucks. Just got a pair of front wheel bearings for 03 gs 100 bucks on line. Az wanted 125 each. The oil deals are at wally world as wants 25 bucks for the 5 qt jug. Same exact oil at wallys is 13.99 no brained.
I hear yeah I get my rotella at Wally World for 12.99 a gallon for my diesel
and I feel a lot better about my self after seeing the species of human beings in ours here in ST. Augustine:eek:


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I buy a lot of stuff from Advance Auto Parts online. Usually with a good coupon. 20% off $50 or more typically. I also use the acorns app for my checkout. Advance invests 5% in acorns account. Then I get 2% back on my spark business. Usually wind up 10-15% below summit and get the 7% back into my personal investment account and cash back when I want.

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We just got our first 24hr Auto Zone a couple of months ago and had to use it at midnight when one of my wife's business vehicle plastic radiator cracked. I've used rock auto get a ton of parts also like the turn signal lenses on my 98 Trans Am vert.