When is it necessary to use Alky Injection?


Boost is good.
Jul 14, 2001
I am gonna have 009 injectors, Walbro 340 pump, and Accufab regulator soon...I was just curious, how far can I turn up the boost? From what I hear...you need to start using Alcohol injection after something like 18 lbs of boost otherwise you will blow head gaskets because of the temperature...is this true? Should I think about getting an alcohol system or what...is this good for the street since my car is an everyday driver?
You can run higher octane gas without any alcohol at all and still turn up the boost. I like the alcohol because I can still use unleaded gasoline with higher boost. But there is always leaded.

Kev :)
Moving this over to the alchy tech area.

If you are running less than 100 octane fuel and want to run 20+ psi boost it's a good investment. Especially for a mostly street driven or daily driven car where the majority of fuel used is pump gas.

In my case, I am getting drastic amounts of knock retard at 14psi with the best pump gas available (91 octane) and simply need better gas for driving on the street, that is where alky comes in, with alky I can get the equivelent of 110+ octane from 91pump gas and denatured. If I use 1 gallon of denatured for 1 tank of pump gas ($6.50 for denatured *1 plus $1.50 for 91 octane *12) I pay $24.50 for a tank versus $78 for a tank of racegas @ $6.50 per gallon. Either way I can run about the same amount of boost at all times and the price of the kit is payed for in about 6 fillups.

To answer your question, you need alky when you cant afford to run racegas all the time and you still want the performance.
thanks guys

u just answered all the questions i had about the alcohol system i do not daily drive mine but do run 93 oct with the computer set up just what i have 36.5 inj and ported stock turbo and stock intercooler if i were to get the system now while i am stock basically with loads of machine work will it drastically effect me if i get a bigger turbo and larger intercooler?? what would the best system to go with for a playtoy ??:D