When should one consider RJC Power Plate

On the drive home.
If Buick engineers had anything on the ball, they would have included one.
About the only GM O.E.M. intake any worse is on the 8.1 V-8 GMC engines.
I have done extensive work on those too
Thanks guys I'm heading to the dyno later on in the year, going to add (Razor) Alky kit to the system. I've had rjc's power plate sitting around forever. Trying to finish this car up and sale off everything else i have been collecting since the early 90's. I had read somewhere that the PP was much needed when pushing the boost up.
The pp is noticable just driving around with no or low boost. The butt dyno says the engine is noticably smoother, especially as the boost rises. It will just feel different! Same with removing the EGR tower, both from the top and bottom sections.
When should the rjc power plate be considered for our turbo v6 engine?

Jason has included a nice writeup on the RJC website for these powerplate versions.

Years ago, Mr. Clark did flowbench research and testing for the various intake, doghouse (plenum) combinations with and without the powerplates. Reading the thread below will tell you more than you probably wanted to know about the topic....