Where can I get the Aluminum Drivehsaft for the GN

You don't want an aluminum drive shaft, unless your car is lighter then a typical TR.

I would not change anything, unless the driveshaft breaks, or you are stepping up the power big time.

Thanks for the input , so I should fix my driveshaft, I think the u-joints are worn and never replaced.

car hasnt gone fast in a lonnng time , and I will be hitting the track in april.
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Oh sure...... make me think ....

I want to say 250.00 I can check tonight and verify. Might have been 350.


mine was from ramchargers...they sell the same exact setup...very light weight compared to the stocker...and stronger too...never have to worry about breaking the driveline again
From personal experience I'd stay away from an alum driveshaft unless your going to stay very stock(such as 12.0 and slower)

Our motors make big torque and usually have a hefty car to move - add a little traction into the mix and your looking for trouble.

I tore two alum shafts in half last year with my GTA and I was only running mid 11's with 60fts in the 1.57-1.58 range.

I've got the big Dynotech plug and play 3.5" driveshaft in the GN.

Good for 1000Hp min. ;)

MMX special aluminum technology.

It's a big one with spicer U joints.

About $540 new to your door.

Got a spare too. ;)

Won't fit with duals close to the driveshaft tunnel since it's 3.5" in diameter.

Good products from Dynotech. :)
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I got mine from here......


3" aluminum with Spicer Joints.

I love it :-)

I'm going to second DynoTech :)

I ran one of these in my WS6:


The Metal Matrix shaft. This thing is the sweetest driveshaft you've ever seen. It is overkill for anything not running single digits, but if you're worried about tearing up an aluminium, this will let you sleep at night ;) These shafts have gone 6.70's or better.....

Mine was $550 I believe, ordered through a local shop (Broward Power Train). Worth every penny and more. The Buick WILL be getting one when it's time to get serious. :)