Where do you get Alky from?

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Nov 25, 2002
just wondering where everyone here gets their Denatured Alcohol from? I was getting mine from Home Depot at $11/gallon.

Now, i know you can get Xylene from Sherwood-Williams stores for a lot cheaper, like $20 for 5 gallons of the stuff.

so, i guess i was wondering if Sherwood-Williams sells the stuff in 5 gallon bucks for the same price, or, where is the best place (cheapest) to get this stuff from?

Cheapest I have found locally was like 7.50 a gallon for denatured.

I run methanol thats 2.50 a gallon. I get that at the race track.
If you have a company owned Duron paint store, you are in luck. Use account number 11-72310 (Duron Racing) to buy denatured or xylene for $5.25/gallon or $23 for five gallons.
Methanol, cons is locating it. Pro's is its cheap and has little more ooomph :)

Denatured is easier to obtain, any paint store. Con.. its way expensive. Typically 7.50-10.00 per gallon vs 2.00-3.00 per gallon Methanol.

Also denatured kinda smells like antifreeze when it burns, but methanol burns clean.

Scott.. on its way ;)
What..i'm some meth dealer now???

No worries..I'll go to my sources and get your fix taken care off :D

Geesh.. addiction is a bad thing..

I've ruined you.. you wont drive the car unless theres go-go juice in the tank now.

(i'm actually going to get my fix, but dont mind helping a friend out ;) )

Wh1-Denver.. how long is 10 gallons gonna last you?

They got them 55 gallon drums ya know :D
VendorD, there are plenty of Duron stores in FLA. Look them up in your Yellow Pages.

Discounted Alky, Xylene, AND paint! Account number 11-72310 (Duron Racing)
Originally posted by InvisibleSun
Isn't that blue windshield washer fluid 1/2 methanol?

And some even has some detergent to clean you exhuast system with.. careful on what you put into your tanks guys..

The is some winter versions that are 99% methanol.
Are there any brands that people have used that are consistent and safe?

Just trying to find a way to purchase Methanol and not pay $5 a gallon and having to order it online...
Methanol is used in many industries as a solvent.

Cosmetics MFG, cleaning, etc.. Three avenues to find it, one is open the phone book under automobile race cars and call everyone listed. Ask who carries racing methanol. Call pro engine builders in your area..aka machine shops.. as them. The sprint cars run on this stuff pretty exclusively. As do some karts. Look under chemicals, and start calling.

There is nothing special about methanol. but does require you to do some homework to locate it as a chemical/fuel.

maybe you'll have to buy it in 10 gallon increments..but if your lucky, i've seen it sold for 1.60 a gallon in 55 gallon drums.

your in a big city..shouldnt be too hard.
Thanks Razor! I'll keep lookin' I was just looking for an easy alternative... Wanted to avoid having to cart around several gallons of methanol if I go to Vegas. I guess I can find some places there and just fill up when I get there.