Where is my head?


Bench Racing Hater
Aug 7, 2003
This is the question I ask myself every time I don't get my heads back for the weekend to work on my car, because the guy who I had port them never answers his phone, or just has a little bit of work left on them. He has had them for about a month and a half now or more. I just want to get my heads back. I had a 4 day weekend this weekend to work on them, but nooooo he doesnt show up at my house like he said he would or answer his phone, or call me like he said he was going to. I don't want to be an ass about it, because I am generally a nice guy. Right now my fuse has been blown and next time I talk to him, I will demand my heads back no matter what he has left on them. I am somewhat paranoid, so sometimes I think he messed them up somehow. Sorry bout this, just a rant. Ahh, I feel much better now, but I still want my heads back. The longer I don't work on my car, the more I forget on what goes where. Anyone want to help?
I got a spare set off 60k motor if you need them. get a good porter off this board,nick micale. frank g- or just go get a set of champ irons and be done with it.
Try waiting on a turbo that was ordered the 29 of january. I am still waiting but dang this is starting to make me mad.

And it takes alot to get me upset.

Sean needs to get that turbo on the car so he can let it sit! Its going to be a trailer queen show car now, huh Sean?:D

Who ported the heads? If he doesn't have any experience with Buick stuff, he might screw it up. Where are you located?
He doesn't have much buick experience, but plenty of turbo experience. I go to school in Mattoon, IL but live in Onarga, IL.