where to buy head bolts


Jun 27, 2003
Where is a good place to get ARP head bolts, and are they the same as the ones listed for the 86-87 GN on the ARP web site? I don't think i saw any listed for the hotair years.
I have a set of used ARP Hot-Air headbolts. I am pretty sure that you can re-use ARP bolts......If you can Re-use them we can work out a deal!

Let me know
I don't know if you can re-use the ARP bolts but, they are different from the 86-87's. I got mine from PAW the part # is ARP 123-3601 Head bolt kit.
Yes....They are different than the 86/87's From what I understand the Threads on the Hot-Air's start closer to the deck than those on the 86/87 Cars. This inturn requires a different bolt.

The set I have is for the 84/85 cars.
yeah I ended up ordering a set a couple days ago, the ARP part number just confused me because it said "Stage 1 77'-85' ".