where to get a tc serviced


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Nov 20, 2005
I bought a used 3200 stall billet 9/11 tc from a board member here. I was going to install it today but when I went to turn it over and drain whatever was left I saw some pink fluid come out with some white milky fluid mixed in with it. So then I put some more atf and it only took less than a 1/4 quart. I drained it again and more white milky stuff came out along with the atf. Where could I send this tc to get it checked out and how much would it be? Also how long would it take? I would like to have it back by next Thurs the latest, any chance of this happening? Thanks
I sent my TCI converter back to TCI. Mine had a broken turbine, and they fixed it for $180 plus shipping both ways.
Yeah do not run that thing until its opened up. Call Mike at Century transmission or any other the other vendors