wheres the oil coming from?



This has been bugging me for some time now. I pulled my MAF pipe (factory one) off to get a better angle while putting on a new belt, and the inside was a little oily. The top of the IC was wet with a little oil, so I wiped it clean.

Fast forward a week, I take off my up pipe because I was going to polish it at work, and it is really oily on the inside. I checked the inside of the throttle body, and it is dirty too. I look down on the IC, and there is fresh oil on it.

I know that the IC should be cleaned out, but is there any way to prevent the oil from getting in it? I'm sure the car isn't performing as well as it should with oil going in with the air. I'm not missing any substancial amounts of oil from the engine ethier.

If the PS valve cover is still connected to the turbo inlet then most of it could come from there.

If PS valve cover has a filter and the line has been removed then
it sounds like the seal in the trubo is going.
:eek: Check your turbo for "end play" you may have a toasted oil seal in the centre section. Or the seal may have dried up due to the lower miles on your car.

You should, assuming the shaft is okay, be able get a rebuild on the stock turbo.

In most cases it is cheaper to upgrade.

No breather. That must be it then.:) I will get a breather from Kirban when I order my other stuff, but what should I use to cap the inlet bell?

I just got done emailing tony dequick about what to clean the IC with. I looked up an old post where people where complaining about leaking stock IC's, and he said it was probably from using gas,or harmfull chemicals to clean it out.
The bypass kit comes with a plug for the inlet bell. I used carb cleaner when I cleaned my intercooler out. I would clean my new one out but taking a f/m out isn't as easy as the stock i/c.