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I know I am gonna get some biased answers, but I have to ask. Which engine do you think is better and easier to mod, the 3.8L turbo in the GN's and T-Types or the 4.3L turbo in the Syclones and Typhoons? I personally like the 3.8L more because I understand it a lot better ;)
Go with a 3.8;) Build it with caps,girdle,10/10 crank and good pistons then jam the boost down its mouth:D
P.S or spend the $$ and go stage2..
you can't make up for the disp[lacement on the 4.3. The problem w/ the sy-ty is no room to mod.
I'm definately going with the 3.8L ;) I plan on using ebay to purchase the majority of the parts, but when it comes to the turbo intercooler and injectors I am going to use Precision Turbo and Engine. I plan on using the PT54 turbo, Delphi 65# injectors, and a BIG air to air intercooler. I really want to bore the block out .040 over, but does anyone know of some good websites so I can look at different blocks and prices? O ya I almst forgot thats I'm getting an alcohol injection system 2 :) Hopefully this will get me into the mid to low 10's ;)
what kind of car?? If it is a Buick i'd use the 3.8, if its a chevy I'd build a bowtie block. The parts are fairly cheap, block is as strong as a stage block, and like i said before, you can't beat the extra displacement.
I'm putting it in a 94-95 mustang. I really haven't completely thought the internals through yet but what do you guys think? And can anyone tell me about any sites where I can check out these blocks. Thx for the help
The turbo buick is the better choice because of the multi point injection and DIS. That is the biggest difference between sy/ty and TR. Also why there are tons of TRs in the tens and only the elite sy/ty.
Thats very true about the syty's having trouble getting into the 10's (but not that much). However, thats not because of there engine its because of their AWD!!! This is why they kick butt from stop light to stop light.
Can anyone tell me where I can check out prices on stage 1 blocks? Any websites or something, please. Thx for your time!!!
You will probably have better luck using a 3.8 out of a TR with the 200R4 trans. You can usually find someone parting out a running motor & trans as a package. Make sure you get the wiring harness too, it will help. Heck, maybe swap in some cool GN seats while you are at it :)

Check the turbo trader section on www.gnttype.org
parts for sale sections on this site & www.turbobuicks.com too.
http://www.buickgsca.com/ is another good one to try.
Hope that helped, good to see another non-Buick come over to the "dark side" :)
I have owned both and mt TR is MUCH easier to mod and responds better to little mods. Sy/Ty's are great vehicles but are VERY tempermental. When they are running good they are great but when they have a problem they are a pain. Routine maintinance on them is a must to keep them running strong. Caps/rotors every couple months etc. and they are prone to knock much easier also but in the hands of a knowledgeable & dedicated person they can run.