which front mount ic...


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Nov 17, 2004
Which one has piping that will clear the Kirban under car braces? I would prefer 3" piping if possible. Mike at fullthrottle just told me the pte frt mount piping won't clear them. What alternatives do I have other that getting rid of them?
I have a PTE front mount and kirban braces. they fit fine on my car. I only clearance issue I have is with the front sway bar. it is very close
Kirban Braces

Which braces are you talking about. The two piece braces that run from the frame horns to the center under the motor or the under the radiator brace that runs from one side to the other?

Yeah. I always wondered about this myself. Most stretch stock loactions wont let you use the two short ones. I am currently looking at what intercooler to get myself for next year. I have a t-top car and keeping as many braces on the car as possible is nice.
I think you'd benefit more from the FMIC than the frame braces anyway...

I'd get the best FMIC I could afford, and worry about the braces last...
Yep, still have IC's on sale....... thanks for the plug. As for fitting with the braces, the one that goes from side to side under the rad support will not clear. BUT, I love that word...... I am of the belief, that is a wasted part, since we have the front bumper tieing the front horns together already. It's nice to add in support braces, but with the bumper I see no need for the brace, kind of redundant....... so if you want the best IC on your car, I would suggest you consider what we have to offer... :)