Which fuel pump is the best for my sh*tbox?


mmmmmmmmmmmmm TURBO!!!!!!
Nov 16, 2003
Which fuel pump is best if I'm looking for 12's? Could I retain the stock lines, sending unit, and injectors with any of the Walbros? Please, enlighten me...:D Thanx
Walbro 340. Good from a stocker all the way to the 10s.

Edit: missed the rest of your post. It's a direct bolt in from a vendor. It comes with a wiring harness for our early cars. The only other "mod" you do is remove the pulsator which you have to do anyway and replace it with a regular fuel line. It's all in the instructions and very easy to do.
Getting a walbro 340 W/ hotwire will put you in line for future mods. Ordered mine from racetronix, smooth transaction, and easy install.

We offer the XP PLUS fuel pump which is a modified 340 WALBRO. It is a direct replacement & capable of running into the high tens.
Bruce Alred