Which pressure switch is this?


Jul 24, 2010
Can someone tell me which pressure switch this is? 3rd or 4th?

It's the one located near Lester. At least that's who's name is on that aluminum cap thingy.

The switch with the black wire. 3rd or 4th?


To the right of Lester is 3rd, above Lester is 4th...LOL...Lester

So I'll only get lockup in 4th with a valve body that doesn't have the 3rd gear switch.

Here is the one I have installed..(see pic)

Yeah,Lester. Lester does something in that cap thingy. Nice Lester..nice Lester. Keep on working,buddy!

Oh well.. I guess I won't have 3rd gear lockup. No biggie. This one has no switch.

You can have your chip modded for that, or some chips only lock on MPH not gear signal. Or you can tie 3rd signal into 4th signal so the ECM see both at the same time. I've done that on my car with a KC valvebody and lockup works perfect. I use Bob's chip. I do have Eric's chips too just never tried it in that car yet.
Hmmm... I can tie the 3rd and 4th together..

Good idea there.

One more quick question if you don't mind.

Can a 7004R bottom feeder filter be used in my deep pan 2004R?
Yes it can, many do and so do I just test fit the pan to besure the 4 stands in it don't need to be cut down.
Ok,thanks for the info.

Got a project going on here that I really can't talk too much about. So far,so good.

I appreciate your help to my not-so-knowledgeable questions.
Is it preferable to have the lock up in 3rd and 4th or only 4th? What do most people prefer?