Whistle tipps.. (FUNNY!)

What did Bubb Rubb say, "Woo-Woo"? That's some funny sh**. I think that's downright retarded, but let's not forget that as soon as a 'Harley goes by, you wont be able to hear the whistlers....let's work on getting rid of that annoying crap, too. I'm afraid if I really speak my mind on those whistle tips and the idiots who would want them, I'm bound to start offending people....but man, is that dumb.
That cracks me up ,when the old stationwagon goes screming by..:D :D :D

Bubba, almost takes out a car, and blows threw the stop sigh when he takes off..:D :D

Thats just funny.:D

You know what i'm sayin yous should be cookin breakfest or sometin...... Ah and we have another fine example of life showing off a new ricer fad. I think this one is worse than the "fake turbo" whiste they sell on ebay. Please will someone stop the madness!!!!! :mad:
OMG is that dumb. That's something that can take forever to get here to Europe.

Yah, I like that Supra blowing thru the stop sign on camera. Sure it's not too hard for a local cop to find the Supra with those rims. :) He'll here a different Wooo wooooooo.... :D
i think bubb rub is my new hero! LMAO!!! thats the funniest thing i've seen!!! i think i'll stick with my big bolted on whiltle, unless my alarm clock ever breaks then i'll have to get one on my flowmasts... :rolleyes: that next?
Re: that was one TV about a yr ago.

Originally posted by wiked87gn
welcome to last year. lmao

haha, yeah, i showed that to a couple people in my computer class (last year i mean) and this one really annoying turtle looking kid kept going around all the time going WOO WOOOOOO!!! constantly, he really killed the joke....... i saw him a week or two ago, and he's still doing it as much as he was... sad