Nuclear Reactor
Anyone know or familiar with a guy in Hampton Roads, Virginia Area with a WE-4 Black out package. I have been hearing that this guy was selling his car and the car was mint. Thx

Red? would you know buddy?
I dont know of anyone selling a turbo buick in the area ... but I dont know them all

only white cars I know of on this side of the pond are all hotair cars but not forsale

I have heard plenty about a white one over your side but never seen it myself
Thanks Red. I drove past him one time at the Lynnhaven Walmart location and tried to get him to stop but he turned off. It did have a For Sale Sign but never could catch him cause I lost him in the Rosemont area at night. Too many roads there. Thanks though
I havent seen it either. There is an older lady that goes through my wifes work every now and then and they talk about mine. I will keep an eye out for the white T. Im on your side of the water.