Who can burn a chip that does all this?


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I love the extender chip, but it lacks something that is a little important to me. EGR. Ive had people tell me on here that the EGR is disabled on all extender chips.
Ive always been searching for better gas mileage when Im just crusing along. I drive 35 miles a day, so anything that will improve it a little is pretty valuable to me. The EGR cools the intake air temps, which allows higher timing during cruise. I climb through a mountain range on the way to work, and it takes me 3-4psi just to climb the main hill at 65mph. I can fly up that hill in the gutless wonder toyota camry Ive been driving to work lately, at 80mph with no problem. I damn near have to turn this trip up the hill into an open loop drag race for 3 miles straight while my engine is getting hotter and hotter. I was thinking that the added timing during cruise would help alot. Not only that, but Ill have to smog this car sometime, and I really want the EGR to work. Plus the exhaust fumes stink. Nowhere near as bad as they used to, after fixing other things, but still bad enough. I know there are people who get great mileage with the extender chips, but I know others who dont, including myself. And there is no other reason for the motor to be drinking gas at this rate. Every other possibility has been acounted for and fixed. The chip is the last avenue.
I love the ability to adjust BLM's. I love lean cruise. I love being able to add/remove timing. I love the race fan. If this chip just had the EGR working like it should, with the added timing that comes with it, the quicker advance rate, etc....it would be perfect.
Eric and Bob boh do great chips, so by all means try a Turbotweak chip. However, egr does not cool the intake charge temps. It is putting hot exhaust back into the intake manifold so it heats the intake charge, it doesn't cool it. Mostly what it does is dilute the incoming air with spent exhaust so there is less oxygen in the cylinder, which slows the rate of combustion so you have to advance the timing to get back to the same crankshaft/piston position at peak pressure, and lowers the peak temperature in the chamber which lowers the NOx emissions which is why we do it. It doesn't "let" you run more timing in any good way, it requires you to run more timing to get back to almost the same power and efficiency you were at before.
From what I understand, in the long run it can provide better mileage. Plus I hate those fumes. The dilution from the EGR does cool combustion temps, which is what i meant. Can things be adjusted on the fly with a turbotweak? lean cruise? Advance/Retard? Rich/Lean @WOT?
What sucks is I dont even know what MAF I have. The seller gave it to me as an LS1, but it never ever ran right with the translator set on 3.5" MAF. There are no part numbers I can find that are useful, but its probably an LT1 MAF. Mike at full throttle gave me the latest chip for the translator, and when I put it in, my BLM problems went away. But the only way it would run right is with the trans set on 3" MAF.
Why was it again that the extenders dont use EGR? They had to use those blocks for some purpose and I dont remember what it was.
No EGR will not cause "fumes" Have you tried the "lean cruise" feature. This will give the best mileage. @& MPG with 60's or 72's in not uncommon
The only fumes I can think of would be gasoline fumes, maybe from a saturated charcoal cannister. Does the extender keep that function?
Well, a functioning EGR can reduce emissions, and "fumes".
Ive been using lean cruise since I put the chip in. The best I ever got was 18mpg, and that was a fluke. Its usually 15-16 at BEST. This is been a long, ongoing thing and if you search my old posts, you'll see everything Ive done to improve it from the 8mpg it was getting when I bought it.