Who do you suggest for a rebuild???

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Well, I came on here looking for suggestions and have found more problems with rebuilds than good references. As I figured the average transmission shop should be passed over for an experienced TR trans rebuilder. So the question stands. Who would you suggest to rebuild my trans?? My trans still works but the car has 59k on it and as it goes faster I want it to be as reliable as it's been over the past five years. I'm also looking to replace the converter and don't want to put a $700 converter in an old trans. I think it would be a waste of money. But i'm wondering now. If my trans still works should I roll the dice and buy a converter and worry about a trans rebuild when it finally dies. I've seen a lot of horror stories here about new transmissions failing. Mine has been in my car for 15 years and i've been running it for 5 of those years with no problems. Of course I put a shift kit in it and a BIG trans cooler. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I would prefer a rebuilder close to me.
That is because this is a tech forum to solve problems :)

If you look closely you will find that most problems presented and or solved on here are that of a do it yourself or a builder who may be great with all other trans and not real familar with the 2004r. All of the best 2004r talent in the country are represented here.
Here is just a few off the top of my head....

Vince Janis.....Akron, Ohio
Eric Shertz.....Amityville L.I., N.Y.
Joe Burkhart....Manchester , CT.
Mike Kurtz.....Century Trans Houston Texas
Lonnie Diers.... Cincinatti, Ohio
Don Wang DRW Trans....Santee Ca.
Art Carr Trans.....Huntington Beach Ca.
Performance Transmissions "PTS" Sacramento Ca. (ME)

Closest to you would be the top three. I would not hesistate
to take to any of them. :)

Good Luck
JC Turbo: This is just a suggestion, but this is what I am gonna do. I had my trans rebuilt by a guy that said he knew TR transmissions. Not sure how strong it will be, but I got a 9/11 converter from Bruce. I am gonna run that converter till the trans gives up. Then I am gonna just buy one of his Killer Street Transmissions. After that, I will have a damn near bullet proof combo (nothing is indestructable), but this combo should be close. Just a suggestion. ERIC.
A bunch of us in the Philly/Wilmington, DE/Baltimore/D.C. area deal with DelTrans.

Deltrans Inc.
759 Old Baltimore Pike, Newark, DE 19702
(302) 453-8213

Hey There JC

My tranny has apparently burned the Intermidiate band and now is slipping like crazy, so now I'm in the throws of trying to find a GOOD builder in central Florida. One thing I've noticed though in my research; If you ask 5 professional tranny builders what the best clutch is, or the best servo is, you are going to get 5 different answers. Moreover, each of the builders will have convincing evidence to support their reasoning. My advice for what it's worth is, get a ATSG manual, or better yet a factory buick service manual, (www.acdelco.com), and then start reading. Download Bruces article from this page on building up the 200-4R, download the article from DRW transmissions on the 200-4R, and from Probuilt, and anything else you can find. Then start weaving a thread through common areas. For example I haven't heard anyone disagree yet on going to a 10 vane pump, or a hardened stator support, so I know these things are a given. I haven't decided on some other areas though like the billet forward drum yet. Now, from this point I've been out asking local guys, (with nice cars), who is the best tranny guy around, I've gotten 2 names, went in to talk to both of the guys. Both seem knowledgeable, the first shop I went to had a "customers car" pulled inside for some work to be done. It was a REAL 1970, Chevelle SS454, LS6 convertible, you could eat off the frame. I had to bow in reverence, I've never seen a real one. Anyway, that was a good sign to me, yes I know that a 200-4R is far different than a Turbo 400, but if the trust is there, that's a start. I talked to the builder himself, not just the owner, the builder is the guy that's turning the wrench. He was willing to talk about all the little mods that I need done, (i.e. drilling the front pump drain hole). So I'd say that he's a good possibilty, he also warranties the tranny for a year even though I'm providing all the parts myself. O.K. my point being, take your time and do tons of homework, if your car isn't a daily driver with a bad tranny, then don't rush. If I can be of any help to you send me an e-mail over to Spectre5050@Yahoo.com - BB:)