Who here mods Power Wheels


Money pit
Jun 7, 2001
One of the members here posted a vid of his son doing donuts on a Power Wheels corvette awhile back. I remember he was also selling instructions on how to get more speed out of them. does anyone know who this is?
My neighbor just puts a 12 v motorcycle battery in his girls barbie jeep and it will do a wheelie on the lawn and not need a charge for a long time.
Yeah but those kind of batterys don't last very many charge cycles. I put a 12v lawn battery in my kids harley and it went like mad at the beginning of the summer but now she's finally dying down. I think I'm gonna try the deep cycle 12v scooter battery when I get a chance and see how that does.
Mike it is UNGN, that is awesome to by the way.

UNGN when you respond can you post the videos if you have them still. I really enjoyed watching them!
Check the link in my signature.

I'm working on a bunch of new mods this month. For Trick or Treating, I hooked up a remote control keychain kill switch ($20 at allelectronics.com), so I could shut him off when other kids were near plus cool LED tail light arrays that fit inside the fake factory jeep tail lights.

I also have some 30K+ RPM ball bearing motors we are going to put the wood to.
Thanks! I'll be ordering your CD sometime soon. My son is only 9 months old now, so it will be awhile before I mod his power wheels, but it will be fun when I do.